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Reply to Cone Valve year of manufacture?/ Help 3/31/2019 11:01 AM

Those look very nice! He's asking $2500 which I thought was a little steep. Going to see how flexible he is on pricing.

Reply to Cone Valve year of manufacture?/ Help 3/31/2019 6:06 AM

Thanks Carlino for the info and value estimate. Plan on using them on a 19’ 450 sxf . I know there shorter in length but read somewhere to just run them flush with top clamp and should be fine Still on the fence on these. I may just get a new set.

Reply to Help! trouble locating a dealership selling the 2019 husky rockstar edition. 3/30/2019 11:06 AM

Cycle Shack North had one on the floor last week Conroe,TX. Just noth of the stadium.

Reply to 2018 Husky TC 50 3/30/2019 6:26 AM

The manual calls for 60:1. Stick with that. Had the same issues. Pull and clean carb and stick with 60:1. The bike runs like a turd at 50:1.

Reply to Cone Valve year of manufacture?/ Help 3/29/2019 5:21 PM

Any idea on value of that era?

Reply to Cone Valve year of manufacture?/ Help 3/29/2019 3:49 PM

Not sure waiting on more pictures. He said that those are not the original lugs and he has the old set. Im guessing 2014 forks with newer lugs. Any idea on value?

Reply to 19' KTM 150XCW, FMF, vForce, Rk Tek, G2, powerparts..... 3/29/2019 2:37 PM

Dude you got moto ADD! Just kidding. Nice bike.

Reply to GP Husky team fall out ....big time 3/29/2019 11:39 AM

Reply to WP Cone Valve Forks 3/28/2019 8:37 AM

Interested in a set of CVs also. Any chance you can post where you got your set? Thanks

Reply to New set Custom KYB forks for KTM/Husqvarna 3/25/2019 5:17 PM

Turbojez is a reputable seller. Has sold many suspension sets here. Never heard a single complaint.

Reply to Still Smokin' Fasthouse YZ125 (Fully Coated Engine/Chassis) 3/25/2019 9:00 AM

I couldn't agree more about the week yz front brake. I switch up between my 19' KTM 450 and a 16' yz125 on practice days. Absolutely love everything about the YZ except that front brake. When I get off the KTM and on the YZ the front brake is almost ... more »

Reply to FS: KTM ohlins Suspension 3/24/2019 8:05 PM

Would you be willing to split it up and sell just the forks?

Reply to Professional Pilots Racing Moto 3/9/2019 3:42 PM

Your Biz jet have one of these? My airliner

... more »
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I fly for a living (airlines). Just ride practice for fun now with my son. The injury side of it does weigh on my mind at times. I just try to ride within my limits and try to limit some of the risk. Don’t think I will give it up anytime soon. Don’t ... more »

Reply to Is There Anyone from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC on here? 3/8/2019 7:25 PM

Charge it back to your credit card. Make them prove it was delivered.

Reply to 19 KTM 450 sxf 2/27/2019 5:21 PM

Did you test the remapped ecu yet? I have a 19' also and thinking about doing the same. Just wondering how it worked out.

Reply to New wheels for ktm 450? 2/24/2019 9:26 PM

Honestly aside from some ergo stuff (bars, levers, grips, etc.) in my opinion just leave it stock for now. Ride it a lot, and get a baseline for what you think you may want to change then pick up from there. I currently ride a 19' 450 sxf and have been ... more »

Reply to Easiest/mellowest 450 to ride? 2/20/2019 6:23 AM

9-16’ Honda 450. I would probably skip the 09’ with flameout issues. Hands down easiest 450 to ride. Suspension just needs a couple of tweaks and these bikes are great.

Reply to Best Bib Mousse out there? 2/14/2019 4:03 PM

Ran them 2 years in Baja. 1rst year Michelin and 2nd year Nitro. In my opinion the Michelin felt much better all around. The Nitro on the other hand felt comparable to the Michelin at slower speeds. Above 55mph the Nitro felt a bit unbalanced. Not much, ... more »

Reply to ISO cone valves and xc-f tank for 2017 ktm 2/12/2019 12:18 PM

Ahh. Thanks for the heads up. Dude only has 2 posts also. That had me thinking from the start. A lot of shitty people in this world!