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Reply to Husky Tx 300i vs Fx 350 9/9/2021 1:34 PM

I also came off an RMZ450 after racing mx for many years. Joined the right side of the force and went to the woods. I have a FX350 and a buddy of mine has a TX300. If you want to do tighter trails and hard enduro stuff stick with the TX. Open flowing ... more »

Reply to David Pingree & Gypsy 125cc Class 7/16/2021 9:31 AM

The only caveat is that electric bikes will be even more expensive than the current gas models. We don't need to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes we need to go back in history to go forward into the future. Learn a bit. I agree with the other posters on ... more »

Reply to Another mistake by WADA 7/2/2021 10:59 AM

Most of the 'perfectly functional" employees are home sitting on their a$$ collecting off the government and happy getting stoned every day. The Great American Way for 2021.

Reply to Another mistake by WADA 7/2/2021 10:51 AM

Don't drink. So that stereotype doesn't stick.

Reply to Another mistake by WADA 7/2/2021 10:25 AM

Yup. That is their policy and they stick to it. I work for a HVAC company and we can't have anyone lit up on the job. Huge liability on site and that just transfers to the office. I think it is actually really good. "Weeds" out all the rif-raf and you ... more »

Reply to Another mistake by WADA 7/2/2021 10:08 AM

I put this in the same manner as my employer. They have rules. You break them, you are out regardless of any personal situation. We get tested randomly for illegal drugs and booze. You go positive for any, you are gone regardless of whether or not your ... more »

Reply to 17' Husky FX350 Map Switch Won't Shut Off 6/23/2021 6:46 AM

I borrowed a buddy's KTM350SX to do a little swap out of electronics. Ended up being a quirky voltage regulator. My regulator worked but not within the parameters it was supposed to.

New thread 17' Husky FX350 Map Switch Won't Shut Off 6/21/2021 7:04 PM

Hey guys. I have a situation where my map switch will not shut off after shutdown. I went out to my shop yesterday and noticed my map switch was on and I didn't touch my bike. Fooled with it and found that my battery was almost drained. I have read what ... more »

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Reply to Broken shock spring? 6/21/2021 6:38 PM

My riding buddy broke his 4.2 shock spring on his TX300 the exact same way. He goes 165#. Vet A off road. The spring dropped down into his linkage and locked the assembly. I had to use my cutoff wheel the cut the spring into pieces to get it off.

Reply to Why do riders Sandbag C class? 6/1/2021 10:12 AM

When you have paid moto training centers catering to C-class riders and the parents home-schooling them so they can ride 24/7, then you know the sport needs an enema. I always ask those parents what their back-up plan is. They look at me like I am an ... more »

Reply to Ktm steering dampner 6/1/2021 9:46 AM

Ohlins. Pure Gold.

Reply to Chest protector for a big man 3/15/2021 9:12 AM

HRP Sports - FLAK JAK IMS Chest Protector in XL or Leatt 5.5 HD Pro.

Reply to New Beta on the way....who's got one? 3/12/2021 7:21 AM

Looks like the trails on Broad Mountain in Nesquehoning.

Reply to Other Hobbies 1/13/2021 10:34 AM

These are my off-season indoor activities besides playing some hockey. I have been building models and dioramas since I was a kid. And I also enjoy high-end audio. I design and build my own speakers. From winding my own inductors for the crossovers to

... more »
Reply to Matrix fuel jug had failed - they stand behind their products 1/7/2021 5:10 AM

Had a same but different issue. My top cap cracked along the top ridge. It was so clean that it looked like it was glued together and just came apart. Don't use it anymore. They want you to buy the billet aluminum cap and spout. At $120. Ahhh, No.

Reply to Work shop heater question. 12/21/2020 10:18 AM

Reznor is garbage? That's interesting since I have facilities that have 40+ year old units that are still working fine. I want to see the Lowe's Mr. Heaters in 40 years. And I pray for anyone who does a DIY gas furnace and has a problem with it where ... more »

Reply to Work shop heater question. 12/20/2020 5:26 PM

That might be a little high but not out of the ballpark. A unit for 1120 sq.ft. will run the contractor about $1K. Then you have to account for the propane line. Gastite isn't cheap. And the exhaust pipe may run you $$$ depending on how far you need ... more »

Reply to Work shop heater question. 12/20/2020 5:14 PM

I would agree with the mini-split idea also. Sorry, I had my mind on heating only. I have a Mitsubishi in my barn/shop and it works very well. Heat and AC. Now there is a caveat though. Mini-splits are NOT made to change large temperature differentials. ... more »

Reply to Work shop heater question. 12/20/2020 10:42 AM

HVAC engineer here. If you have natural gas or propane access, go with a Reznor or Modine hanging space heater. Super efficient and work fantastic. If you have oil or waste oil, check those heaters out. Electric heaters from Qmark are cheap and work ... more »

Reply to DD - Dirtbike Durability 12/17/2020 5:14 AM

With today's materials and manufacturing practices, the bikes are better than ever. And the latest synthetic oils don't hurt either. The days of ping, ping, ping, seize are pretty much over if you take care of your ride. I am currently trying to sell ... more »