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I saw that crash on the way home from work today. It was at the LV exit of the Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike near Allentown. Couldn't tell that it was a VP truck from my vantage point going by the exit. It was still on its side and backing traffic ... more »

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I am an engineer but my wife has a Masters in Exercise Science and has been personal training for about 10 years now. I chatted about this with her and I think it depends also on your body type. Mesomorph, Ectomorph, or Endomorph. Each one requires a ... more »

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You guys have it right. Daytona was a snooze. Besides the track, it was the RV Show staring RV and a cast of others. After the first corner the race was over. Sad to say, I thought it was a joke. It looked like it was Villo's personal track and the rest ... more »

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Don't post here much but this is an interesting subject. Not a big fan of personal trainers in mx. Most of them think they know what they are doing but really don't. They just have a familiar name in the sport. No question about that Aldon Baker has ... more »

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Johnathan. Also glad to see a mxer using his intelligence to get ahead in life. I agree with many of the other posts encouraging you to go a different route with your internships. I worked for Boyesen back in the day when I was working on my ME degree. ... more »

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I never rode any of the link bikes. Eyvind had his and the Suzuki that Hannah raced. He would ride the wheels off his at Field's Hill. Constantly adjusting and tinkering. He built one for Dag when he raced in Norway. Only a few were ever built. Fred

... more »
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Suspension has evolved gradually but really hasn't made leaps. Fine tuning year after year. I think the manufacturers took a huge step backwards when they introduced the upside-down fork. That was a marketing ploy for rigidity. Then they spent years ... more »

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You need a great big cup of BRO to go with those

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I joined Vital just to be a part of this thread. This is the GOAT of all threads Bro!