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I'm back to the HS scene from doing moto for 30 years. A buddy of mine talked me into doing some scrambles and then the Moonshine Enduro. It is one of the toughest things I have ever done on a bike but so rewarding. Moto is a piece of cake compared to ... more »

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You should try the ECEA Rattlesnake (Williamsport, PA area) or the Moonshine Enduro (Hazleton, PA area). Run basically the same way but they run the typical cc and age classes. Race is roughly 65 miles divided into transfer and test sections. Tough, ... more »

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I worked for Eyvind when I was in college back in the late 80's early 90's. I still remember Glen as a little kid roaming around the shop looking for helmets to paint. Good times.

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I bled yellow for years. Loved racing my RMZ450. But after I rode one of the Austrian bikes, there was no going back. No matter how cheap it is, the platform is just too heavy and is really just a revamped 2008. It takes allot of money just to make it ... more »

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Great to hear you were able to compromise and keep your track. Always like hearing about the positive side. We seem to always hear about the negative all the time. We had a local track shut down back in '08. The first issue was that the land/business ... more »

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Does the township authority have an issues with your track? Did you need permits for some stupid reason? It really comes down to them. The DEP/EPA will not call you either. They would send a representative out directly. Somebody is pulling a fast one ... more »

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Riding with my kids is the best. I was out with my 12 year old this past weekend in the trails of Broad Mountain.

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For cross country or more open terrain, go with a 4stroke. Husky FX350 or KTM 350XC-F. Single track and technical trail, go with a 300 2 stroke. Take your pick. Husky, KTM, Beta, Gasgas, Sherco. They are all good.

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17 FX350. Revalved suspension, Ohlins Steering Damper, Acerbis bark busters, TrailTech fan, high pressure rad cap, Works Connection full skid plate, made my own linkage guard, 13t front sprocket, and a rear brake guard. 70 hours on ... more »
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Most do not like or use an auto clutch. I heard GJ mention that he liked to modulate the clutch and have full control. He is truly an unbelievable rider. Master of his controls. I also read that he uses a stock OEM clutch. Just a Rekluse cover for extra ... more »

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RMZ450. I had a 2008 1/2 that had 250+ hours on it and I changed the piston once. (The piston looked perfect after 100 hours.) Never touched the bottom end or valves. Clean air filter and change your oil on a regular basis. Bulletproof! It is very heavy ... more »

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And from what I've read, he had to work his way through the pack in the second moto. I bet you heard a lot of giggles on the line when a guy shows up at a national with a headlight on his bike. They weren't laughing when his taillight disappeared in ... more »

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Husky FX350. So am biased! It is pretty sweet everywhere and has awesome top end. Great for moto also. If you want east coast tight stuff, go with a TE300. The Beta, Sherco, and GasGas are great options also for the tight stuff.

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Gotta have a Mandy.

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1987 CR250 that I bought from Eyvind Boyesen. Love to have it back for 80's ACR Vintage racing.

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This!!! And maybe check out Central Village in CT. Natural mx, not sx pretending to be mx.

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Tom Hurd sold the rights to the national. Don't know the real reason. I would think that it was a personal decision. He also sold Hurricane Hills in PA. He does so much during the year he really doesn't need the hassle of a national or running 2 tracks. ... more »

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Nice! Yeah RC is on the Kevin Windham workout program, less the whiskers.

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I was in the same boat. Got really strong back then but those days are long gone. Still hate Crossfit. Can't get into it. I was in the 181# class back in my late teens early twenties and had a 505# squat, 450# deadlift, and a 305# bench. ADFPA drug tested ... more »

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I wish the Sprint Enduro format would catch on more here in eastern PA. ECEA stopped running them. They had a Jr. Sprint Series last year but that is gone. I wanted my 12 year old son to try one. It would be his first race and would be a perfect format ... more »