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Just thought i would update everyone on how my Alta build is going !

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ive got a Ktm 85 rear brake pedal tip and modded it on, its a BIG improvement to the stock pedal tip, my wheels came today!
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okay great, im planning on putting Ktm wheels, Ktm clamps and leaving stock alta 4cs forks in. Just waiting to get all the bits and ill show you guys, it should look really good! I have some white plastics but they haven't arrived into the UK yet! Have ... more »

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hi mark, so ive got my Alta, ive got the 2015 trax shock. im looking to buy some KTM wheels but im aware you said the Alta front hub is different? could I machine some spacers for the front wheel to fit?

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thanks mark, do we have any idea on what pegs fit yet?

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mark, so if I was to buy Ktm clamps, cone valve forks and Ktm wheels it would be a bolt in easy upgrade? I Have some come valve out of a KTM 250 2017 and was going to order some wheels and clamps, just wondering with the new wheels/clamps/forks it will ... more »

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hi mate. i've just purchased one of these did the clamps/wheels/suspension from a KTM450 fit straight in? thanks

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