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I would love to make any money to race. I was just curious, some guys seem to live awesome life styles.

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Good point, I guess that goes with any walk of life. I hope those brothers have long careers, they both are refreshing to see in the sport on and off the track.

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Agree and disagree. Remember the comment he made on someones IG and all the big dogs were bagging him? His attitude is a bit off putting. He has good insight, but acts like he is a top dog when he is mid pack in the LCQs at best. The guy needs a dose ... more »

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So the rumor is the Lawerance brothers got a hefty payday to go to HRC. I wonder what they are racking in, it is just strange to me how some can retire at 26 and others have to find jobs once the dream is over.

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Why is it such a big secret what these guys make? What type of money does the average factory rider in 250 and 450 make? None of my business, but the life styles they live and all the expenses seem they must be doing just fine.

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I am just glad we have not had to listen to the long winded speeches on the podium.

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Most people with full time jobs sign an NDA. So if it is true that BB is going after them in court, I can almost guarantee his lawyer has told him to keep his mouth shut and let him do his job.

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Why does Broc get endless chances? Everyone is on here bashing Hill. What has Tickle done? Nada. Would not be my choice. Must have gotten him super cheap.

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Everyone has caught on to doping. It is obvious, he is a great, but no longer has the edge he use to. All the top guys are doing it. I am even hearing rumors of amateur teams starting kids on the same path.

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I would like to see KR win, but he has lacked the aggression we have seen in past years. I think the altitude will play in ETS favor. Unless something wild happens, it is basically between those two.

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Jett has been a breath of fresh air to the sport. I have been watching some stuff they have posted on YouTube. Hunter seems to just like the lifestyle and Jett seems to have something to prove. I could be completely wrong, but Hunter seems burnt out, ... more »