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So... Romain crash and soon the "experts" appear saying that GP boys are not good in SX and more this and that... bullshit!! Here are some examples of others that crash and that shouldn't be good

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There is already something similar: It's called the Motocross World Championship, where riders from various countries compete against each other on various tracks across the planet and with only one objective, that of being world champion.

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They are taming the whoops down??? Why? Cooper Webb go to Paris

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And Portugal? "Infront Moto Racing and Águeda Action Club – ACTIB confirms the inclusion of the GP of Portugal in the FIM calendar - Motocross World Championship, until 2024."

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Jeffrey Herlings vs Dylan Ferrandis = Herlings Romain Febvre vs Eli Tomac = Febvre Tim Gajser vs Ken Roczen = Gajser Jeremy Seewer vs Cooper Webb = Seewer Jorge Prado Garcia vs Chase Sexton = Prado Antonio Cairoli vs Christian Craig = Cairoli Glenn Coldenhoff ... more »

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In two words: FUCK YOU!!

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4.2 sec. separates the first four at the end

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Very clear! Whatch the lines on the jump face https://youtu.be/tN76vfOYpPY

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Xiaomi T- Rex

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Ah! The traditional down votes... for just one question! The times are change for sure... cornflakes and sensitive people!

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Prado opinion: "Jorge Prado: “Hello everyone, I would like to explain what happened yesterday; After declaring myself the winner and at the end of the press conference, a member of the FIM personally informs me that I have been sanctioned with two positions ... more »

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Yes, I am Herlings fanboy, as I am also a fanboy of TC222, RC4, JS7, SE72, RD5, JA16, DF14, JP61, TG243 and all the others who risk their lives every weekend so that we can enjoy a sport that we love. JH84's story tells us that whenever he gets injured ... more »

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He will return as strong as ever, with the same determination and desire to win everything and everyone.

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Crying pussies over here!!! THIS IS MOTOCROSS!!!!

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For years I used RENTHAL DUAL KEVLAR Half Waffle, then I switched to Progrip 799 Super Soft GEL and I can say that Progrip in terms of comfort is better and cancels out much of the vibration transmitted by the handlebar allowing for better relaxation ... more »