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Anyone know how he is doing? I think it was 702? He went down hard, jumped around a bit and laid motionless. It looked terrible for a long time......

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Main coverage parts very close to a personal auto policy. If you had a liability and comprehensive coverage on the bike it should be fairly inexpensive and the comp would provide coverage for fire, theft, animal hits ect. Check with progressive or gieco. ... more »

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Steve, Love all the content you put out. You should try to get Kiniry on for a podcast sometime. I don't know how much he would get into but he had a very long motocross career going back to his Am days. That guy was something else on 80's. For us north ... more »

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Big fan here as well. I used to think that clutch lever straight up in the air was the coolest thing ever.

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125C class in fall of 2001. Mexico NY. Pulled the hole shot and checked out on about 20 bikes. Felt like the man. Won the next few races and was bumped out to B class. Confidence was through the roof. Showed up at last race of the year with the B guys, ... more »

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I hope your Mom is ok Steve.

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I think Fox left him when he went supercross only a while back. I could be wrong though.

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That guy has always been tough as nails. The injuries he sustained long before becoming a pro makes it hard to believe he's still in the game. Like all of upstate NY motocross fans, Bob is one of my favorite riders by far. Matthes you need to do a podcast ... more »

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I have this image of Brown burned in my memory. When he was battling Langston for the championship I went to Broom Tioga to watch. Brown grabs the hole shot first moto. I am standing behind the triple step down table top by the road side. Brown had a ... more »

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Always enjoy reading your posts Michael. Great advice and happy heartday!

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How many has Stewert turned down? Not as many as he has not been invited to. Lets not make it look like he has been invited only to say no all those years. I can only think of 1 or 2 and it was injury related or bike changing related. The rest of the ... more »

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I watched that vid. last night. It put a huge smile on my face. How could you not love the end with some of those legends giving a shout out to motocross. Rock on Jordan!

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Haven’t been in a few years but top notch facility and great dirt. Full sprinkler system and I bet it will be ripped deep!

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I am a fan.........

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RV has always been insanely fast. I would have thought he was close to peaking even though he has had some short seasons the last few years. I mean how much faster can a guy go…….. But RV has shown up this year, just pissed off and twisting the throttle ... more »

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Love the pulp mx show, should be a good one!

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Very slowly

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Thank you for taking the time to write that. I always liked Steve. I joined motonews and 02 and hung out there through all of my college years and some after till Steve left. I always thought Steve gave more to the sport than most on that board appreciated. ... more »

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Hang in there Steve. Sending some get well wishes.

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At the end of the day, injuries are a part of the sport. He toughed it out for a long time and I appreciate that. I am sure he did not want to hang tough all season with a torn ACL only to have to go out with a bad wrist. Hope to see all of those dudes ... more »