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What happened to the Lucas Oil idea? As long as you like it, that’s all that matters, right?

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Dang... The nationals seem to have taken out more people than SX this year. Hopefully he can be 100% by Hangtown, SX seems like it’d be tough to make.

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Hell yeah DV. Did you pull any measurements on the frame to see how much it has stretched or if anything was tweaked like that? Something I always wonder about these older steel frame bikes that have been tossed around a bit. That thing seems to have ... more »

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Embarrassing that this is the MXoN track.

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I'm just glad that even if they don't sit react/comment on the voice mails, they still let them play out the show. Fuckin' Gringo talking about your wife licking your ass and "tighter than a knot on a dogs dick" had me creasing.

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He reminds me of my college room mates when they’d take a bunch of Adderall and talk for hours about bullshit.

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Nah, they’ve moved way too much dirt for the changes to be temporary. Personally I liked the “Godzilla” jump and the following table/downhill more than that uphill triple so I’m glad that’s still there but it was cool to see that triple separate the ... more »

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I feel like they change the track a lot every year. I notice the infield is a lot different and the uphill triple is gone. Maybe they’re trying to get a better viewing area for the fans?

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He is still locked into his 5 year deal he signed back in 2015, so he’s signed to HRC through all of next year still.

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How do people even find these websites? And what else have you been reading in there assuming it has any credibility? From that link: “Tomac: “ It has always been my dream to perform with a Two-Stroke bike in the US Nationals, so here is my chance after ... more »

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Cool! Hopefully it goes better than last time, don’t wanna see him get hurt. Though I think this is going to be the tamest track yet at the MEC considering it’s gotta be ran forwards and backwards. So I think he’ll be fine.

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Okay, so your "facts" that less people are attending because there is no drama is based on "it looked like less people went last time I was there." Come back when you have a decent argument supported by some actual evidence.

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We need more educated “trainers” in our sport. Too many people are ruining their careers by over training and running themselves into the ground every week.

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Woah, that thing is badass! I wouldn’t even have guessed it was the same bike.