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Did anyone catch it today? I was suppose to be on at noon but I didn't see it on the channel guide anywhere. I really enjoyed the first one so I'm bummed I missed it today. Monster uploads it to their YouTube a week later it seems but I'm impatient. ... more »

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I don't think the chicanes before the finish will be all that great. I thought they would be at the Monster cup and while they looked cool when riders were ripping throug them, they just became really one lined by the main event. Of course, I'll be happily ... more »

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I see big things for J. Martin. He reminds me a lot of Dungey coming up, except I think he looks better than Dungey did on the 250's outdoors. Dungey only has one 250 SX championship and look at what he's accomplished. Either way, Jeremy's a hell of ... more »

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He hasn't made an official announcement on when/where he'll be returning yet, just that when he's physically 100% to be back out there.

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I went last fall and had an absolute blast! Pastrana was there and did a few tricks/jumps as well as hosted so it was cool to see him but the rest of the show was absolutely insane and worth the ticket price in its own right. From start to finish, it's ... more »

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One two punch!

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Reminded me of the 2015 Monster Cup wall jump to sand whoops. Those hucks were massive!

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Bring on the "Drone Cam"! Just keep it away from Webb. :p

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Tough guy over here.

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Minnesota's new Vikings stadium will be finished this summer and I know they've raced here in the past. I think it be a great move to return to the upper Midwest next year to showcase the new stadium and also fill more seats than one of the 6 California

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How embarrassing. Oh well, it was fun imitating them while they were muted. Lol

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Yeah, definitely pumped on the 720p option. The 480 or whatever before was painful.

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Since when do those two race the same class?

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Plausible for sure.

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That TLD gear is AWESOME.

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I don't want Forkner to turn into AC. I believe the smart choice would be to stick to their original plan. How crappy would it be if he went out for the first east round and got landed on? Or got too sketchy because he has't been hammering the SX practice? ... more »

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Heart breaking. I hate seeing the words femur and broken in the same sentence. So gnarly. Terrible flashbacks.

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If I lived in a bigger city or had a factory rig, I think I'd be putting a GPS tracker in a very inconspicuous spot on the bike in the event it gets stolen. They are small and light enough these days, it's not going to rob your performance at all and

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That's not my point at all. And I don't think it'd be a good idea for AC to skip 250s at all. What I'm saying is, I'm surprised Mookie wasn't offered a 450 ride somewhere when he was a free agent. His deal with Honda was settled really late. I get why ... more »

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Interesting. Wonder how much they'll cost. Crazy that just a gel pad could really make that much of a difference.