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Will there be a chat room or thread?

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Ronnie is single and slays any pussy he wants.

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Hot take incoming. Because FE is a stupid cash grab gimmick. Won't be long until people just wait a year to get the "FE" because it's no different than the one that comes out 6 months later and they stop producing it. KTM has the game by the nuts. Until ... more »

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Musquin to go undefeated for the rest of his life because he won the last race we watched.

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The pass at around the 8 minute mark is scary as fuck. Kudos! Cool videos.

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I'm aware, haha.

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Is Stank Dog on a 125 or 250? I'd hate to see him go up against a 250 on a 125. Dude can rip and is very familiar with the 2-smokers. I'm rooting for him!

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Can't be true. Everyone on here said he would never touch a dirtbike ever again. Let alone be seen as a valuable company rep.

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Nah, I'm pretty sure he was replaced with McAdoo. Pumped for him, though! He was really turning things around in SX last year. He seems to be a SX guy, outdoors is where he seems to struggle.

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I keep reading on here it was 'only' 500K.

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Cross jumping is crossing over lines while jumping, intentional or not.

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Good sport about it, seeing as he could realistically just peel it off rather quick. Funny, though!

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Dude ran out to grab the go pro apparently? So not only did he almost get destroyed personally, he destroyed the shot that was suppose to be captured by the go pro. Wtf?

Started new thread What about switching the final round of AMA Supercross to the MEC? 10/15/2017 8:46 PM

With all the hoopla about this race fucking with people going to the nations or people not attending due to the off season and it's a one of event... What if we made the final round at Vegas just be the MEC? Instead of keeping the lowest score wins, ... more »

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Started new thread Y'all are a bunch of cynics 10/15/2017 8:37 PM

Just finished watching the MEC and come one here to see what everyone thought of it and the Vital hive mind is just overwhelmingly negative. I thought it was a super fun and exciting event. The superminis were a total thrill to watch, the All stars class ... more »

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You guys are unreal... "Frail" lol

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What does that have to do with the MEC, though?

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It'll be on PC too I'm sure. This is great for the sport, for sure! Based on the clips provided, I'm not super thrilled. Graphics wise, it's amazing. The canned whips/scrubs that they still use are not fun. It's why I got bored of mxgp3 so fast. Floaty, ... more »

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Sugary drinks bad for you. In other news, water is wet. This won't hurt any energy drinks. "Bottoms up and the devil laughs."