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New thread Longer linkage (pullrod only), KTM SXF 2017 8/28/2017 11:55 AM

Has anyone ran a longer linkage, 1-2mm? I just got it this weekend but did not have time to test it. Did you run stiffer spring when just running the longer pullrod, and not completely new linkage like PC? Less SAG?

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New thread Cone Valve AER48 fork, anyone else than me with 20-40h experience? 7/26/2017 5:20 AM

Fork works really good. Found good settings for all different tracks. Have a specific problem with air pressure however. Anyone else that has put some hours on them yet?

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New thread Video look like 240p resolution, when it says 1080p or 720p? Garmin VIRB 360. 7/6/2017 4:47 AM

Looking at Jmart videos on first page, even though resolution is set to 1080p it looks like shit, 240p or so. When they play it on the NBC app as part of live coverage it looks good, 1080p-ish quality, Tried both built in on webpage and directly on Youtube ... more »

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New thread Supercross riders that have not been out for crashes 2015-2017!? 3/28/2017 2:28 AM

Looked over the top 20-25 list. Over the last 2.5 seasons, only 2 riders have not been out from supercross races due to crashes in the same type. Ryan Dungey and Eli Tomac. However, both has been out if you add outdoors. So in MX/SX, if you are a Pro ... more »

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