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You have multiple things to play with here. Gearing. I run 13-49 Throttle cam: I run the larger cam (quick throttle) Mapping: I run the soft (1) mapping with the above combo My view is that the throttle cam is causing a large part of the initial problem, ... more »

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Tomac Webb (Anderson if not Webb) Osborne or Forkner (AC) Dungey: Why the hell send a guy that is in a downward spiral, zero motivation and on his way out most likely for 2018? Jmart: Starts man, you need starts in MXDN. AC: To unreliable at this moment, ... more »

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The factory teams have resources to have people on the stands clocking multiple riders with different lines. A privater cant. This evens the score a bit since you can run different lines during practise and then go back and look what is quicker for you. ... more »

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Looked over the top 20-25 list. Over the last 2.5 seasons, only 2 riders have not been out from supercross races due to crashes in the same type. Ryan Dungey and Eli Tomac. However, both has been out if you add outdoors. So in MX/SX, if you are a Pro ... more »

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As they stated, to test. His hand is maybe not 100% recovered, so anything feeling lighter and is easier to ride probably helps...

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ask them to do a NFL test from spinal fluid. That will say in black and white how recovered you are. normal value is around 300 or so, boxer that gets knocked out it shot up to 4000. heavy concussion similar if you pass out for a second. takes 9 months ... more »

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could also be uneven brake pads

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120 bridgestone is like a 130 pirelli or dunlop. go 110 if you chose bridgestone

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Set clickers back to stock. Get the right rear spring for your weight, set it to ~107mm sag, (make sure there is preload on the spring and reasonable static). Then adjust air pressure until you have a balanced bike and maybe 10-15mm left on fork travel. ... more »

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It started with the 2012 EXC lite with the new lighter engine, and then 2013 SXF 450/350. Of course this was due to Roger Decoster and Ryan Dungey demanding a new 450. That 2013 350/450 SXF was a game changer and that is when sales started to take off. ... more »

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Any update on when roll off will be available?

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Not sure it fits here, but Ohlins is Swedish and are huge in general within the racing industry. They do about 100 million USD per year in suspension for racing industry where MX/Enduro is one part. They started the company with that 30-40 years ago. ... more »

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i lost all respect for james as a rider and person. he belongs in the 90is. dont want to train, and no communication skills. clown if you ask me. he ows the fans his career.

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kidneybelt is not for kidneys anymore, it is for discs in back. i have a fractured disc and even though i have killer core strength i need the belt to stiffen up the core package. makes a huge difference

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The rules from 2015 state: Riders can use 2 motorcycles during the weekend which have been controlled at technical verification. The final choice of the motorcycle to be used in a race must be made 10 minutes before the start. Riders cannot change motorcycles ... more »

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Jmart will be fast, Cooper Webb also.

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Bike needs to get shipped to Argentina on sunday evening or monday, so no time to do much. They replace parts that wear out as you mention (chain, brake pads, rear sprocket, clutch package). Some probably will replace the full engine (rotate on the 2-5 ... more »

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Can someone write what shim and placement of it, that is valid for SXF 450 2017? See attached image. Both sides needed to shim?

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In my experience, things causing arm pump: 1. Poor cardio physics 2. Handlebar to much forward/up 3. Holding on to tightly 4. To stiff suspension 5. Other medical condition Make sure you use all your suspension travel (+-10-15mm on fork) and that you ... more »

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Not squeezing with legs, to fast rebound, to soft rear spring, to soft low speed comp in combination with to fast rebound. To slow rebound in rear and you will loose front end traction. So, stiffer low speedvcompression can allow you to run faster rebound. ... more »