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Roczen is running spring forks, KYB.

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Have had the 2013,14,15,16 KTM 450 SXF. Had the full RFX Ohlins kit 2013, but sold it. My revalved WP 2014 was on pair with Ohlins in terms of rideability and trust. Ohlins slightly more plush, buy way to diffuse in the feedback and flexing to much. ... more »

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Will they have the same rubber mix as in the "old" MX32, meaning same for race teams and public? Or will they do as Dunlop and release one mix for the general public and one of the race teams? The later sucks.

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1. You have to be an idiot not to see Roczen balanced on supporting his father, and deny it in his statement/interview. Perfectly "worded" i say not to put any blame on Ken. 2. Roczen went unaware/to early for the 2016 KTM bike, if he would have ridden ... more »