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So more or less he went to longer or shorter linkage, and with that had to go up or down in spring rate. Makes sense. It is so freaking sensitive and can make 2sec/lap easilly with those changes.

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So what is it that Reed wanted, but could not change? Cant be that many items that affects the bike in that way. Not change: - Tires - Fork and shock type (valving, oil, spring dimension is ok to change) - Swingarm - Fuel injection, airbox, - Fuel tank ... more »

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so fucking anoying. was same last weekend for us who paid the yearly fee to get evening event streamed. it sucks.

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350 to be ridden at 12000+ rpm, nothing happens before that. 450 16-17 needs quick throttle, 49 gearing and well adjusted throttle play. then map 1 is rideable and you can run at the 8-9000 rpm. 350 takes more on cardio, 450 more on muscles. i dont like ... more »

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struggling with bike setup. they have it dailed for mx (hense daytona win) or it suits better for mx, but no good settings for sx. look at roczen last year, those 1-sec needed per lap is easily found in being comfortable on the bike and Tomac is not ... more »

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you could see this tendency in his bike earlier laps. to quick rebound or soft compression. turns great and good for whoops, but man it has no margin for errors or bad luck. same with stewarts setup, stiff and fast rebound but dont ride it out of shape, ... more »

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rowing is good for some training, however it is hard to go into red zone on rower at least for me. i have 200 max heart rate. can go 180 maybe but that feels like 200 and cant go to long. unfortunately heart does not know what im training and i need ... more »

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sure warm up can help, but it does not make a huge difference. tried simulate it with grippers also before practise but still get it. then gone for rest of day even if i skip warm up for the heat races

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same for me, armpump during practise, rarely in heat later in day. was same for one of the top 250 riders 1-2 years ago, he also discovered that going all in during practise toget bad armpump, and it never comes back. most likely the blod vessels or ... more »

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where can you listen to it, cant find it?

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stop over analyzing it. Tomac is solid if he fixes his starts, which he seem to have. He got armpump, my guess is that it was the cold evening (or food/water, whatever). happens a lot here when temp starts falling below 15celcius.

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Husky did not cover that @ 30h

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350 only, not 450.

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A friend had this 450 Husky 2017 FC making sounds, also think it was a oil channel that was clogged so cam was destroyed. First time i feel i hear something of an issue with the 2016-2017 KTM 450 SXF, besides the condensator mount.

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Get a different bar bend. Stock 2013-2015 handlebar is about 12mm higher. Raising the already sensitive (for twisting) bar mounts will do you no good.

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I was told that the pistons in 2016-2017 Kawi is of shit quality (they break, split a part), and first piston should be changed at no more then 20h. Then install a 3rd part piston and you are good to go.

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The WP Air forks are "better" then the full Ohlins forks if you ask me, i have ran both. Set SAG to 108/38 (make sure you have the spring to get those values). If you run SAG of below 108, you need to switch rear springs to softer ones. 108-110/41-55 ... more »

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The fork is technically not loosing air when this happens. The air travel to the other side of a seal, holding it down in its stroke. It is a seal issue. In Sweden it has only happen (from what i know) when it has been minus degrees outside (celcius). ... more »

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What brand is it, and whats the diameter of them if you measure on the outside, or compared to Renthal Kevlar grips?

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You are right, missed that he switch at MEC from Showa spring forks.