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Handicap gives a rider positions, not points. So Leib finished 12th, had a HC of 9, so is bumped to 3rd. Because he falls in the top ten, you double his points.

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Story of my life

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Having the same problem. Turned off auto-renew because I'm trying to use the promo code this year, but looks like you still have to wait until the season ends. Confusing because it says my season pass runs from 1/12/19-11/25/19.

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Exactly. Interesting, thanks for that information. Probably going to stick to NBC to be safe.

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Used them to watch MXDN and MEC and everything went fine. I'm considering going that route this year because honestly it was a way better experience then I've had in the past with NBC Sports and NBC Gold Pass. Just don't know how legit their rights are ... more »

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Possibly AJ Catanzaros team? I know they're both connected to SGB and Maxxis and both will be on Kawi.

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Bunch of softies. Everyones like "why did deano race" "why would Husky let him race?" I like Deano just as much as the other guy and hate seeing him down but come on. These guys LIVE to ride and race their dirtbikes. He was healthy, he loves to race, ... more »

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So I guess Erik Kehoe and everyone at Honda should be fired too because they havent won a supercross championship since 2003 with Carmichael. If it were so easy to throw someone like Stewart on a bike and win, wouldnt Stewart have more than 2 supercross ... more »

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This might now be the answer you're looking for but to be honest, they're both great bikes. You can pretty much pick what color you like and it would be an awesome decision, either way. But if it were me, I would go sit on both of them, close my eyes ... more »

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I understand where he is coming from saying that. The switch to the 450 is no joking matter and ultimately he has only had little time on the bike. Most guys would say I'm going into this race with no expectations, going to get the bike dialed in as ... more »

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I'd be out there scavenging with a metal detector. Theres gotta be some cool hidden gems lost on that property.

Started new thread Andrew Shorts 2003 Motoworld Suzuki 10/5/2019 10:39 PM Was browsing craigslist and found this. At first glance I didnt think much because I'm sure those graphics and seat cover were available to the public through ... more »

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Everything run smoothly on motoworld? I'm thinking about going that route considering all the complaints about logging in on

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Man, TLD has really gone backwards with their rider lineup

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Oh of course, I should have known that. Personally I think its ridiculous giving career numbers to the 250SX champs. If they're to earn a career number, their series should be like the 450 class, no East or West. But that just doesnt make sense with ... more »

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In the "under last system" list, you dont have Barcia on the list and instead have Derek Drake at 51. Barcia owns 51 as a career number so how would that change? And Malcom owns 27, so Sexton couldn't grab that.

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Noticed AC went and picked up a new truck at Toyota of Redlands and its sporting the number 92, of course. However in the comments they mention getting it fixed to 9. Anybody else find this interesting?

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Personally I'd love to see the number 9 because it's my favorite number but I think the number 92 means to much to him to ditch it. I think he'll stay in the 90s with his boy Roczen.

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Straight up maniac on that Austrian Bull.