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We'll be taking care of this today - thanks for your patience.

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All good now with the PM sending ability - go for it!

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Thanks, Terry. Big props go to Sasha here as well.

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This problem was been resolved. It was being caused by a specific user's avatar (animated GIF) that was incompatible with Chrome on Windows.

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Hey all, We just updated the site with a new updated profile section. Check out your profile page and you'll see what I mean. Anyway, if you happen to encounter any problems with this section, please leave a note here and I'll check it out. Thanks!! ... more »

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It's in there now - along with autolinking the Motodrive way

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For those of you who are care about post counts, the count stored with each user name in the Motodrive database was the one that was off. Don't worry though, Huck - at the rate you're posting, you'll be over 2,000 in no time

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@drmarkr There is actually a link to the last post on the page that lists all of the threads in a forum (e.g.,,20). Look on the right-hand side under the column "Last Post" - there you'll see the poster's name and a bubble icon that jumps you ... more »

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Nope, it's still there (sort of) in case you need to retrieve old messages and such.

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We'll be running a script to recalculate post counts now that the migration is done - you'll see accurate numbers soon enough -- and hopefully the post count was correct on Motodrive to begin with!

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Thanks for the props, people - you're very welcome. There are a few tweaks forthcoming and any outstanding issues with the migration will be addressed. Remember, if you're having issues with the feedback, you can let us know here. And Huck - I may

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Hey, how's the bike?

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