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Craig Decker does work for Enzo Suspensio out towards Decatur somewhere. Don't remember the exact city.

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Make it with a pop up version for the roof to extend upwards to 7-8 feet and I'm sold.

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South Korea figured it out and we didn't follow the model. They have 1/6th our population in an area smaller than Florida. Perfect population density for this type of virus to spread like wildfire. Their commitment to discipline can't be ignored. The ... more »

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MX Simulator looks the same as it did 8 years ago when I quit playing it. It's past it's prime with a loyal following not willing to move on because of all the time you have to put in to get used to the utterly nonsense physics IMO.

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Le Mans got rescheduled to the weekend before. The two tracks are about an hour from each other. That would be one hell of a vacation.

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Due to the lack of testing there was a number being thrown around a few days ago that for every 1 confirmed there's more like 25-50 unaccounted for or self quarantined with symptoms. So, 8,000 right now times 25 is 200,000 in the US. That's believable ... more »

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Ever notice how anyone who feels threatened that their way of life is under threat likes to turn to conspiracy theory to justify why it's bullshit and their outrageous idea HAS to be the answer? This shut down is showing who the selfish dicks are (hoarders, ... more »

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Looking at China it's like 4.5% which is close to the estimated 3.5% but they still have about 10k end results unaccounted for before every contraction has a result. Using that calculation you see a wide variation in results mainly because every country ... more »

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This equation is wrong and flawed. If you contract it there are only two results. You either recover or die. So the real equation is deaths divided by total number of recoveries+deaths because the recoveries and deaths are an end result. Contractions ... more »

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Tell me about it. I just had a daughter born in to the NICU with a 3 week stay. Even with insurance paying for a large chunk we're way upside down on medical bills. I'd gladly pay a little more in taxes to make sure no family ever has to go through that ... more »

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They're transitioning in to fall in the southern hemisphere. That's when flu season picks up here in the north. The Earth's got opposing seasons ya know.

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Bet most of them don't drive stock trucks

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Run in forwards. Run it backwards. 2 tracks, 2 days.

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No successful virus kills people quickly. A good virus keeps the host alive long enough to spread multiple times. It's not about the deaths, it's about the incubation period. By the time you show symptoms it's too late. The damage has been done. Only ... more »

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Cooper can.

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He understands the mental game and doesn't want anyone's negative comments affecting his decision making. Seems to work for him.

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For all you know the kid ran it without premix. Every used bike I have ever owned I strip to the frame and rebuild even if it ran before purchasing. I find things wrong with every one of them. I trust no one with my life on a used motorcycle.

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Drag your front brake in rutted corners. I heard Villopoto say that once and it changed my life. I just rest my index finger on the lever and it seems to do the trick.

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Someone people don't understand emoji's and sarcasm and this thread proves it. Take the rod out of your rear ends people. Sheesh.

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They're supposedly updating the bike as the season progresses with the ultimate goal in mind of having a "different" bike next year. I'm sure it'll be like the Husky with same frame/motor but different aesthetics. If it's still a red KTM by midsummer ... more »