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Wow never knew that, thanks. Is Rossi's bike same spec as Vinales and the Factory Team?

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Used to watch more Moto GP but lost touch with it a little over the last couple of years. Just wondering, what are the reasons for Rossi falling off the radar abit this year and last ...? Is it just his age and time is catching up on him? Or that the ... more »

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My God- that was so lucky you got her back, must have been terrible to have lost her especially given that you had only just got her. We also have had two or three I think whom we rescued and paid hundreds of pounds to have them bought back to UK, vets

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Wow that would be amazing to rescue that beauty! Obviously you cannot replace the deceased Dog and one would never EVER want to, as has been mentioned I think in the threads. Mom is also very familiar with this scenario, of dogs departing and if owners ... more »

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What a lovely, moving and also sad tribute; there again its also happy to remember the amazing times you spent together. Sure Gus is still very close to you and with you and he always will be. God Bless. I have really strange dreams sometimes of my long ... more »

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Super pics! That is funny- we have some that interact like that together despite being the very best of friends! I totally understand. hahaha- you can sort of understand the expressions and faces and what they are saying- whilst playing

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We have had alot of Beagles and Beagle types over the years- way cool- they are often such gentle, calm and also sensitive dogs we have found. What nice pictures and story. Its amazing how our pets seem to support us through the hardest of times. I have

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Furthermore to my posts in the threads about the sad passings of the dear pets... If anyone in UK is looking for a Dog (a rescued Dog) then PM me- my Mother rescues abused and homeless dogs, has done so for the last 35 years. We have a few right now ... more »

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Its so sad losing such close and dear companions. As said in OG725's thread, I think they are still with us despite passing, well I have kind of always felt this way. My Mom rescues mainly homeless and abused animals from Europe and UK and we have had ... more »

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Very sad to hear of your loss- can tell by the pics how much you must have loved that Dog. My Mom rescues abused dogs- has rescued like hundreds and cost her all the money she has. Have seen some sad and happy cases with it all. Will show my Mom your ... more »

Reply to André Malherbe's 1981 World Championship Honda RC 500 6/9/2021 3:43 PM

Amazing bike- was it the actual bike he won the title on? Was close that year- Andre, Noyce and Carla on the Yam. Only a few points between them.

Reply to The 203 lb 1980 YZ/OW Hurricane replica 6/9/2021 3:39 PM

Stunning bike- like all your bikes! I really love the clean hubs- well all of it really. Interesting also Darryn Dunham riding it- what a bike and lovely work.

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I do remember the 83 125 MX version, dated by the Japanese bikes and was meant to be abit lacking in both performance and tech spec. Not many of them sold over here, I seem to recall. Still a cool bike though and probably very rare and collectable nowdays ... more »

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Hahah- I reckon you maybe cracked it !! Thought there maybe more to it than what have seemed more obvious. I did wonder about the face guard, does look remarkably similar to Rocket Rex's and also saw a pic of Rocket Rex on number 39, exactly as you saying!

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From the clues (too many!

) and the Des Nations victories- Broc Glover. Although, he did not only ride for one Factory Team, in 1989 he shortly rode for KTM in the GP's - right at the end of his career I think. Think he actually won the last ... more »
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He did good really- qualifying really super. Also to finish in front of Anstie in the 2nd race was good. Give the guy some credit! Must be hard travelling internationally and setting up for a situation like this. Credit to the man! Hope he is in for

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Reply to 2004 cr125 tps plastic connector teeth worn and bike rebuild 5/31/2021 2:47 PM

Your Sis sounds just like mine! She made things very hard for the whole family and also stole my Fathers inheritance that was meant for her kid- like £90,000! When you have family members like this, yes things not easy- such a pity, my empathy for sure. ... more »

Reply to Is anstie a sleeper? 5/9/2021 6:26 PM

Totally agree- he can do top 5's (outdoors) and it wouldn't surprise me at all if actually better even. Slightly off topic but also worth a mention, I remember his old man racing (his Dad)- Merv (the Swerve) as he was affectionately known (not always ... more »

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Hahaha- that will be it OldPro- the Genetics! Strangely sound similar your Daughter and my Sis... my Sis only competed in about 2-3 races before quitting(although she rode for like 3 years). In the last race she did was 3 boys who were like top 10 in ... more »

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That is damn lovely OldPro!! All your bikes seem lovely! (Did you sell that superb 1980 RM100 DG bike?) Best of luck to your daughter on this lovely bike build. ...My slightly older Sister was also really fast- was one of the first Girl racers in UK ... more »