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That pic above is way cool! Look pretty quick also and the no 2 is a cool number to have! Yes- looks quite like Wardy! God yea- those jofa face guards- I used to kind of dribble on mine when I was concentrating and would wash it down between races! I ... more »

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'Trip down memory lane?'- thats for sure. Remember it like yesterday- remember there were quite a few of them... aah the sound! Remember the earlier Grey ones but more so the red ones. You had the XR75's to begin with then the slightly later XR80's. ... more »

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For sure the field seemed depleted somewhat but in fairness the racing and finish was so close it made up for it. So in someways it was really good. Surprised AC got it but credit to him! Also was great to see Mookie and Freise right up the front, so ... more »

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Thats hard- injury was damn well brutal enough anyway to cope and deal with. Really hope things work out oneway or another financially somehow and most of all a full physical recovery can be achieved.

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Just how unusual looking are those! Never had seen one or heard of them before- very

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Best of luck and prayers for total full recovery and for the journey ahead and starting to understand the situation clearer. Things like this really make you appreciate how precious health and even life can be at these trying times. Staying positive ... more »

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Gosh - really glad to see he is on the mend. The guy spends all those years racing cross bikes and surviving it then gets a right old bang on his bicycle! Goes to show there can be alot danger in many pursuits- I guess also crossing the road though can ... more »

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I wouldn't mind being compared to Neville Bradshaw- not that I probably ever would be- he was well quick and scary fast! Has to be a compliment! Guy was a serious top rider over here. For anyone who maybe interested in his story :-

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You guys got damn good memories! Yea- do seem to have a very distant memory of Demaria/ Vohland or at least that Pepsi Team now its mentioned. Vohland and Demaria were great riders and they could take it to Stefan Everts even on their day. How cool was ... more »

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Hahah- me too but thinking of even earlier, like PR50 Italjets... total rocketships from like 1979 or something. Speaking of which were named after the ace NMA Champ, now sadly deceased- Paul Denis. Apparently they named the bike after Paul- PR designating ... more »

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I had a Pro Circuit works edition 89 pipe (without the lower bracket) and someone had bodged welded a lower bracket on it, I would assume to then fit to a 90 or 91(with the lower bracket)- although I never saw it fitted on the bike.

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That brings back good memories. Those little things were rocketships back in the day seem to remember. Looks great and also must be pretty rare now. How did you get the plastics so good? Are they painted or new? Seem to remember a few years back some ... more »

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Just how lovely is that- great job! Paintwork looks stunning. Wish I never sold mine 12 years ago but needed full resto and alot of time and dedication I never had.

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Thats excellent- really good pictures also of the commerative plates, that is interesting. For sure was an groundbreaking event. Think also around 1980 there was an International youth meeting in Holland, a few of our top riders attended. That maybe ... more »

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How damn cool is that! You must have been quite a fast rider to have got in that event? I remember it fairly well and have always found this race and event interesting. Must have kind of been one of the very first International events for the Youths ... more »

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Paul Denis raced and won in and around the 1980's and probably more, he was very fast and raced Bruce Bunch, Rick Hemme and Kyle Fleming and loads of other fast riders at those times. Are many threads and posts in 'Old School Moto' about these times ... more »

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Yes- I had an 83 RM125D, exactly the same experience -thing was really very tame- it wasn't maybe totally terrible but CR /KX and YZ think were alot better- it was really hard to light that thing up and rarely happened. Sure my older '82 125RMZ was alot

... more »
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I guess you could say that winning what Paul did- he was like an actual mini cycle 'World Champion' of the time, not just National. Reason I say this a s been posted- there was a very interesting race- maybe one of the first events organised. Was an ... more »

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Gutted to hear of Paul's passing. What an incredible rider- and what great times those years of motocross were... very special times- probably not to be repeated. Bruch Bunch, Paul Denis, Rick Hemme and Kyle Fleming.... and loads of others gladly still ... more »

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Not sure- could be likely and may explain how the cylinder is in Sweden. Or even if certain Teams may have exchanged parts at all? Seems strange but interesting how Alan King cylinder has found its way to Sweden! Nice score though for sure.