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Yea- defo 'Ban the Beards' and suchlike, lets clean up this sport, good n' proper, once n' for all. Just at what age are beards to be banned? I suggest age 32 no longer permitted. Spiky hair, hmmn, that is abit more difficult to legislate, let me have ... more »

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... Breaking AMA News.... " Beards now compulsory for Indoors Supercross but outdoors remains optional ". All riders then to sport beards for remaining rounds it seems.

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I think the 'Beard Crew' are ace and it looks great also- especially when JB too has the matching beard! What a Team and kind of eccentric but very cool for sure. It gives the Team a real personality and is sort of a fun angle having this sort of look ... more »

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This thread is very funny, really amused me. Now some questions I just cannot work out:- Where and how the hell do you guys keep all these bikes?! You must have garages the sizes of houses, or more distubingly maybe not! I am trying ... more »
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Yes, can see what you are saying in that aspect. Maybe still should not ban it though if left as 'standard', as that was how it was in '83? Maybe they could ban 'modification' of it, that could be fair. Again suppose same as if someone 'modified' the ... more »

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Was one of the greatest of all time for sure, balls as large as they could come(and abit bigger still).... on the gas BIG BIG BIG TIME, he absolutely destroyed tracks!!

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Really great stories... you can see why 'The Bomber' wondered who he was! (Sounds like you were a pretty decent rider also Mit12) Mit12 I watched Bruce ride about 5 laps at Saddleback with his throttle stuck, he got a big enough lead to stop... It sounds ... more »

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Webcokid wrote: ".... Bruce was an amazing rider! Mark Barnett came to the webco levels during a Thursday practice sesson and asked Bruce who he was. Bruce passed him on an 80 that day. Bruce looked up and said, "I'm Bruce Bunch" with that smart alec ... more »

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Not sure of the argument, rules or the correctness of it all exactly.... BUT bottom line for me is that was how they were as 'stock' in 1983 and in 1983 we had to race them or against them on our YZ's, RM's, CR's and suchlike. They didn't ban them then ... more »

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Thought it was a corsett?! Naa, only joking , cool pic and great to remember how we used to race back then and the gear we wore (or didn't wear). I was never a great fan of the 'body belt', probably should have wore one always but ... more »
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I too wondered and thought it was for weight but seems this is not the case at all. As already said somewhat, would think as the development of the prototype evolved, frame angles, geometry, mounting positions may all have changed overtime/ ... more »

Added reply in a thread 1993 YZ250 Restoration - Bradshaw Replica 5/28/2015 7:46 AM The little black dog in the time lapse Vid is great! Trying to work out what he/she is doing exactly, is like its helping to dismantle it or something and keeps inspecting and checking things! Cute little dog and hopefully ... more »

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Just read the whole thread and it certainly touched me to think of these great riders and young men who sadly are no longer with us. Stories and pics were great and can get an idea how good these riders must have been. Being the same age somewhat as ... more »