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Sure I must have defo signed this thing at some point... just cannot seem to find my name though, must be on there somewhere would think?! maybe in very small writing, that could be

Cool poster for sure. ... more »
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Yea- got a distant memory of it- think they clashed, Everts may have fell and Pichon stayed on. Everts was pretty pissed and waited till the next lap or so when Pichon came by- made the most aggressive of evil moves by throwing his goggles at Pichon

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Quote OP: " Go ahead with chirps, I think its just as absurd as you probably do. Also its obvious the "custom fab job" on the frame isn't finished, my buddy with the TIG welder had a wedding to go to. " I may imagine he could have a funeral to attend ... more »

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I am all for someone making somethin, being creative whatever etc- especially to save a few bucks.... BUT ones health and safety could be worth more than 1 million bucks! No way would I ride that- you know what will happen(eventually)- even if you do ... more »

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Aah- thats never nice to hear, this type of injury(or any injury come to that). Lets hope the finger/injury can make a full recovery and it is not more serious - I mean some recover ok where as others lose parts of the finger etc, like Jessy Nelson did. ... more »

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You would think he (Liam Everts) probably would/ should make it to some level- how high, its difficult to say. I guess he will have all the backup and support to give it a shot if he chooses. It seems to often follow that some kids of famous riders also ... more »

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Dozer does look rather close, never noticed it in the broadcast. Was it me thinking it or were there also quite alot of trees at Washougal, very close to the track in places? Not sure if I would rather hit the Dozer or the Trees, probably nether really ... more »

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What an amazing view and place! Great pics. I did look at the surroundings abit in the broadcast and notice what a super place it looked- very scenic and pretty.. Would be many peoples dream to own/run such a track n place such as Millville- sure there ... more »

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If he is feeling reasonably healthy and able to sustain it then as high as top 5- otherwise around top 10. Funny how people seem to be bashing him for 'pulling out with blisters' or whatever- jesus, if the guy wants to pull out for whatever reasons (or ... more »

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Yea- maybe so actually- I did in fact see some snaps of him the other day with his kit off, riding his bike- not sure why exactly- don't think he was drunk also though but suppose drink could have played a part!

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Would imagine he doesn't drink or really go out to bars or clubs much. Doesn't really seem like that sort of dude.

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If it does pour down, it will be a Biblical experience for sure!

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Think he needs to improve abit, maybe pass a few more riders abit quicker..... Haha ha... not really, yes- totally on a another level that performance- unreal how he decimated the field in those first few laps- was a demolition job.

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Suppose in someways it is just sayin it as it is... Also depends on the setup they have- maybe they often 'talk straight like that' with each other? Also guess it may even fire Joey up to make some passes and try to get better position back.

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Probably thinking "Just how can I get in Kennys head?"- seems the in-thing to do nowdays!

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Think I can hear the grasshoppers justabout for a short while!

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Thats great! Was only thinking the other day how it will be ace to see Trey back. Seems such a nice person who has alot of time for others, often those less fortunate and gives a hell of alot back to the sport. One heck of a rider also.

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Anyone got any updates on Shane and how he is getting on/ full extent of injuries etc? Hope is goodnews under the circumstances and no complications.

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Yea- if it gets too bad Noah will arrive in his ark to help out as usual.

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Such a bummer when riders such as Blake suffer injuries, then come back expecting to regroup and then suffer further hits. Must be very frustrating but suppose it is all part of it. James has had this type of scenario the very worse it seems.