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Yes- forgot about Chiodi- that little guy won lots. Also Puzar- he stepped up and down from 125cc / 250cc and won the 125 again in the later years on the TM if my memory serves me correctly.

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I would have to agree with Barnett being one of the best 125cc riders. So beautiful also those watercooled 125 Zooks. I would also like to add the late and brilliant Bruce Bunch to the topic- the story goes young Bruce actually overtook 'The Bomber' ... more »

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We also had a new 1979 100F back in the day, was a great bike. We ran it for 2 years then got the YZ100H- 1981. The 1981 H handled better but in someways I liked the 79~F- it was really fast. First few races I won on those bikes- as said think the YZ100E ... more »

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Yes- my old and foggy memory- remember there was a guy/ youngster who was really fast and raced National level here- think it may have been 1980 and had a Beta 125- recall he lapped the whole field- it was an exotic bike... wasn't many of them here. ... more »

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How cool is that! The lad looks stoked with all his gear on and a big smile- bet he is so excited to ride it! I would be- remember when my Dad bought me new bikes! Albeit decades ago! Happy Christmas to all!

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Everyone who has contributed to this is

I only clicked on the thread last night and read every single post. What a superb effort and cause- so well done. Credit to all and hope Mayson is loving these beautiful presents- as I'm sure ... more »
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Your bikes are stunning! Is the RM100 a 1980 model? I recall a few YZ100's here from 1979-81 having DG mods/ gold heads but there were less RM's with the DG parts. I had a YZ100F 1979 and also later a 1981 YZ100H, I did sort of okay on them and once

... more »
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Ha hah- yes the British accent and also we could share a proper English cup of

Thanks for the info on FMF etc- we had a really strong presence of DG parts and modded bikes here from about 1977 onwards. I recall, as well as some really fast ... more »
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That FMF125 is lovely! and the RM80 also just posted looks so interesting! In the UK we had DG modded bikes but I do not recall the FMF's- were they like a company like DG that provided trick performance parts? Would like to know more- that 125 is lovely

... more »
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What an amazing creature- and story- the paws on him are just incredible- talk about powerful! Never seen such thick arms and paws. The Pumas (Mountain Lions?) the old lady had who lived near to me also were totally amazing, one of them was big and so ... more »

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Thats insane- most strange thing (other than attempting it in the first place) is that he seems to be wearing like a smart 3 piece suit with cloth cap or something? Who the heck is the other dude dressed up like a bank manager? Probably the damn undertaker.

... more »
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That is one crazy looking beast! The size of its paws! Never seen paws like that before! What was the story with that, was it a proper wildcat? When I was a kid there was an old lady who lived a couple of houses away who had a couple of Pumas, they were ... more »

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Aaah- so sorry to hear of your loss- it made me sad to hear the story and also what you have been through. That sounds really very tough. Despite the sadness, thread though also made me remember my dearest cat also called 'Smokey'- she died like 20 years

... more »
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Love it when a rider such as Evans appears and beats established riders, possibly unexpectedly. Really hope he does good and will be rooting for him.

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Brownie's battles with Langston were maybe the best racing I ever watched! Was just so tense. He also took it to the 250GP class and beat the very best at times ocassionally. Credit to him how he is still kicking ass, amazing!

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I'll go with Sexton or Smith- 1-2- vice versa results. Think Smith has some potential to come. Always impressed me. Hope its got as much excitement as the West one has provided! May the best man win.

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Rob's website also is fantastic and well written. Great rider also and superb how he makes a book about the glory years of MX Gp racing. I wish more old GP riders would be more involved and do similar things and tell their stories. Many of them just ... more »

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I reckon eventually you may find one on Ebay but may have to wait till something shows up and maybe costly. As you say though it maybe possible to craft/ create one and alot cheaper. Very cool bike with the Sachs 7 speed! Love these 1970's bikes like ... more »

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Does that have a Sachs engine? Interesting and pretty looking bike for sure. Never seen one before or heard of them. anymore info?

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Back in his MX2GP days, he got nicknamed 'The Mullet', think was actually was a pun against Herlings being called 'The Bullet'. So Ferrandis got 'The Mullet' tag, whilst Herlings was 'The Bullet'. Which was abit of joking maybe at Ferrandis being the ... more »