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The best motor in the class but definitely not bulletproof. Seen a few YZ250F (2019-2021) motors blow up including ours because of cam chain failures with very low hours. We have starting changing the cam chain at 15 hours.

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CLICK HERE for a short video from a VP of an OEM on supply chain issues.

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A new one... As a motocross trainer I often get this question from riders or parents.... What is the best bike or what is your favorite bike. My standard answer is, "A new one."

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You can race a different bike at the Area, Reginal and the National. Just have to ride the same bike on race day in each moto. Good luck Super Dave! I won my area on my 450 in the Over 50 class then got 5th on my 125 at the Regional when I was 55 in ... more »

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I would suggest ridding one before you opt out...

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It's really, really early.... Overall's mean nothing towards the Championship. Basically there is 20 Main Events left. That's a bunch of racing.

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Anyone have photos from any of those races?

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Disclaimer, Steve Wise has much respect for Roger and they are close these days, but it wasn't always that way. If Danny was still with us, I'm sure he would have that respect and friendship with Roger too. I have been a life long friend of Steve's and ... more »

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Probably rode 8 or more days in a row as a kid. Never would I have thought that at 59 I would ride 8 out of 9 days! Wasn't all moto, but was two wheels off road. BTW, did this while working full time! Monday - Mountain Bike at Cypress Creek (Solo) Tuesday ... more »

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Its all about performance. Less pounds = Better start.

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True but... Armed with training wheels and Plessinger wins Armed with curb feelers and racing to the checkered flag Sexton wins

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Kitchen is definitely the fastest of them right now and the oldest at 20. Hymas has tons of upside at 15/16. He's a little bit smoother than Levi and on the same level. Hayes Edwards is off the radar but could be on the radar by the end of the year. ... more »

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EBR is in you back yard in League City. JM is about 45 miles north. David Espinosa does great work on the side under ESPY Motorsports. Javier Cantu owns LSR (Lone Star Racing) and builds lots of local race engines. Tommy King in Conroe has build building ... more »

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I was talking the Chip Munn from Munn racing this weekend. He said he had been talking to Justin daily earlier this year about going doing the Supercross Series. Justin told Chip he was just riding his dirt bike to have fun.

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For all those that think Alta was created to "save the environment."... It wasn't. The founders at Alta wanted to make a dirt bike that was easier to ride fast. Plain and simply. If you would have rode one you would understand. I was an Alta Regional ... more »

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Just for the record BRP did not buy Alta. BRP was interested in buying Alta, but instead waited until Alta shut down and then picked up the IP of Alta's battery pack for a fraction of what the buy out would have. The IP was really what they wanted.

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Its invitation only. Sometimes its 16 inch sometimes is 12 inch. The track is usually set up on the start straight. Its not to spec, they just work with what is available.

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Not only did my son manage a podium finish at one of the gnarliest amateur events in the nation, he also made this short clip on Levi. If you like his work, you can follow him on Instagram @hughescinema As the picture shows he was literally the last ... more »

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Kitchen is the real deal. In all fairness to Hymas, he came from around 15th-20th out of the first turn in that moto. However, Hymas is only 16, Kitchen is 20. Hymas also seems a little smoother that Kitchen. Both should have a great future.