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I’ve had TTR125l, crf150r, 2005 yz125, 2011 yz250 And ridden a 2006 cr125 Yz250 is my favorite, cr125 least favorite (great handling, shit engine) crf150r broke the most.

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Depending on your skill level I’d say clubmx would be the best around. I’ve never been there but I haven’t seen anything come close to them in area. But I’d imagine the massive jumps and ridiculous fast riders would take the fun out of it for a normal ... more »

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16x16 wood floor shed for me. Wolfey when I saw yours I had to have a bar table. I really want to put up 4x8 plywood walls and paint, and a pallet wood wall across the back but I don’t think I’m going to invest that much into it knowing this isn’t permanent.

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I ordered a billet brake pinch from them. Arrived today, surprise they sent me their entire billet pack! Class act, will be missed

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I heard he’s got a sweet gig lined up over at JGR🤫

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Thank you! Was a ton of work but a super fun project

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Going to be siiiiiicccccckkkkkk! I know what you mean too, I’m going to keep my yz250 build as long as I can. Not like they are changing those any. Might have other bikes at some point but the 250 is staying.

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Mitch will tell you, you can’t run a team without something to sell.

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That black cabinet is the thin floppy not well built like you are taking about, I agree they aren’t very good. But that tan one I use for gear came a guy close to a military base, it’s a solid unit! Thick metal, fully boxed doors and floor. Got both ... more »

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Damn man! This your new place or current place?

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Shoe organizer for goggles. You can find metal cabinets on Facebook for free to $30 all day long. rubber mat from Lowe’s off the bulk rolls in the back of the store to line the floor and shelves. Free harbor freight magnet lights ... more »
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Shit! Better grab a few hard parts before they close it down

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Weight effects every aspect of the bike. Makes the power more effective, make the brakes more effective, makes it handle better, and makes the suspension work better.

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They work, less vibration.

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Nice job. I’d like to make my DEP silencer a carbon version like you have but it’s hard to find carbon in that flat oval shape.

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I’m planning to build the lower bench with a parts washer cut into the top like a sink, and power and air reel mounted underneath. Air compressor and trash can sit under the bench. Plenty of room for extra tires and stands too. My vise is on my tool

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I live in eastern NC, don’t see much of the western Mx scene. In this area the most helicopter flights belong to Jimmy Weinerts training facility, but I’d say the most dangerous track is ironclad MX. Jimmys is a safe track nothing against them I ride ... more »