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Really hoped he would do something with that 4th place start. I did see him get caught up early in traffic with roczen and have to roll a triple, I'm sure that cost 3-4 positions in one moment.

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Well yes points wise but what about team and sponsor exposure? The night winner may never get to be on tv if they are only showing the winners from the races.

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To much commercial time. More time for "top riders" on the track but less time overall when you take out lcq's

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Wonder how the teams have worked out win bonus. Could be a big pay day to someone if they count them as main event wins.

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I have access to a press, and can press the stem out. I was just looking for a way around it as it's not my preffered method.

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Kick ass!!

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I'm looking to put in new bearings and race. I've watched the YouTube videos. I'm looking to do it with basic tools, dead blow, punch, sockets, old bearing, whatever. I don't have bearing pullers or race drivers. Any suggestions? I already have the bike ... more »

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Don't be scared to branch out from "the standard" pc and fmf. The euro stuff is great.

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Hey he did better than tomac the last 2 races and he did better than musquin the last race. That's pretty good people to be ahead of.

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I wish I would have taken a picture of my box from works connection. They did a fanatic job of packing, box was appropriate size, big parts (clutch cover) on the bottom, small bits (axle blocks, oil plug, etc) all had individual "display" packaging and ... more »

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If your use is following a 50 and you want electric start look at crf230 or ttr230 both are a little smaller than a normal race bike, cheaper, have electric start, kick stands, and gearing slow enough to follow a 50. Following someone slow or a kid on ... more »

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No he just figured it out. The asshole move is charging to watch a video on something you then have to go build your self. At least include a kit or something.

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KTM frame, suspension, radiators, exhaust- WP rims-excel Tires-Dunlop Engine internals-pankel Carb/injectors-Suppliers bars grips triple clamps-nekken Brakes/ clutch- brembo/Magura Oils-motorex Fill in the blanks for me Plastics Seat Engine cases Clutch ... more »

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So this took some doing and I've been sick in between. Pretty sure the entire set up is lighter, about 2.7-3oz don't know because my scale got smashed. I cut the old spring mount off and shaved off the cast marks and shined it up. Drilled and turned

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Started new thread Craigslist Frankenbike 1/16/2018 2:26 PM Honestly not a bad price, would like to see the build quality. Would be better if it was 09

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Sweet ride. No fly wheel weight? How was dealing with bills and what modifications do they offer? I've seen their stuff on Facebook but no mention of what they do.

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That is a fantastic deal, yes that is exactly what I'm looking for, would prefer a different color. That's not bad on miles either.

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This is exactly what I am looking for, base model with vinyl floor. Did you pick it up from a state or fleet sale? That is a helluva price. Mileage?

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This is an old post but I'll throw my opinion in. If you have the intention of hauling anything in the back do not go below an f150 extended cab if you can afford it (or equal size truck) the tacomas, rangers, nissans just don't cut it. You can make

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Don't they weigh the bikes without gas anyways? So the after race weight shouldn't change. Chad reed said he likes the husky because of its weight. Add on the heavy duty parts and protection and still be lighter than the other manufactures.