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Same here Capt!

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Yo Cap!! STi tubes are absolutely junk!! Only IRC Heavy Duty for me, or Bridgestone Heavy Duty’s if I’m feeling sponsored.

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Terry Cable will either have them in stock or they can make them custom and I feel they are much better quality than Motion Pro.

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Sending positive vibes Dwayne's way!! Be strong my friend!

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Searched for one of these for years and unfortunately this frame size is too small for me. It’s a medium Pro Comp XT model and best for those under 6ft tall I’d say, unless you're just using it to cruise the pits? It’s ready to ride with a new sealed

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Would second all of the info above as I had a '12 KX450 as well and loved it. The only issue I had was with the cylinder temp sensor throwing a code and the fix was having Jonny Lightning in Corona, CA, installing some super high end German water-tight ... more »

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14-48 is what I run as well. Can't remember the triple clamp offset, but it was what Emig Racing recommended.

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2014 YZ250F KYB forks. Emig Racing lower triple clamp with custom Luxon Engineering upper triple clamp. Emig Racing dog bones. Frame and subframe gussets added throughout, plus mounts to accept KX450 foot pegs. 2 piece clutch cover mod. Moto ... more »
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From my interactions with him here and when I was in need of a PVL ignition for my '74 Yamaha MX360, he was always more than helpful and he had a great attitude. Rest easy Newmann.

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Yes, and it was sponsored/hosted by XTREME.

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Years ago when Pete24 posted photos of his '89 KX inspired graphics on his KX450, I had to do the same with my '12 KX450. Fast forward to my recent 2003 KX500 build, and it also has '89 KX500 graphics. Pete was an inspiration and from my interactions ... more »

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Definitely seemed like Hunter was having a good time on the ol' 500! And regarding the incorrect answer to Jett's question about Johnny O' riding "dual shock" bikes:

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Had no idea Cousin Eddie was so talented. Good luck with the refund!

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So radical!! Had a '93 KX125 and loved that bike. Did you consider having the fork tubes anodized blue?!
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THOR stands for “Torsten Hallman Original Racewear”. Do some research on Torsten Hallman aka Mr. Motocross and you’ll soon learn he’s a hero and legend of our beloved sport.

Regarding the gear in question, THOR came out with a 70’s throwback ... more »
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Well actually Klinger, Miller High Life is the "Champagne of Beers".

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A photo would speak volumes, but it could be that one clamp is cast aluminum and the other is machined. Or it could also be that one clamp was polished before anodizing and the other was left with the rough machine finish. And yes, it could also be a

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Very cool!