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Then you're doing it wrong. haha You clicking this box? Notice the one with the check mark... I feel you, it's annoying to scroll thru countless pics. Most likely because people don't know the feature exists.

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I'm guessing he used a ratchet strap instead of tie-down. Way too easy to over crank those suckers.

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You totally missed my point. I'm not saying you have to like what pros wear to like the sport. I'm saying that your boy Zippytech thinks he's not influenced by anything or anyone. Anyone who has to come on a forum to tell everyone they don't care, clearly ... more »

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Didn't really read anywhere that someone wants to buy this helmet because a pro rider is wearing it. Keep in mind, that it's not that Cooper (a pro rider most likely doing product testing) is wearing the helmet. It's that a new helmet is out and being ... more »

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Come on can do one better than linking to another post: HAHAHA View this post on Instagram The show must go on 😄 @honda_racing_us @redbull @foxracing @gopro @breitling @canyon_na #homepro Filmmaking by me Voice of the one and only @jasonweigandt A post shared by Ken Roczen(@kenroczen94) on Mar 30, 2020 at 1:47pm PDT

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Toolbox goals. Enjoy!!! (Disclaimer: This is not my toolbox but I will be building a box similar in the not too distant future.) View this post on Instagram The final box of 'Tool-E's 9 for 2019', belongs to the current @abbeybiketools #toolboxwars World Champion , @bee_kay77 (Brad Kelly) Brad's box is 100% #DIYFS ! The original idea for this case came from his friend @lord_chewington . Brad ran with the idea after 2 years of developing his plan of attack. Once started, he quickly realized that his 1127 x 406 @evolutiongear rifle case could easily have the equivalent volume of a multi layered toolbox. Plus, that it would actually be smaller in size and have a smaller footprint than an unpacked layered box, once the layered box was set up and spread out on a work bench or set up with #toolery hanging from it. The other main attraction that sent him down the road of a rifle case concept, was that all you need to do was open the freaking lid and bam... you were ready to wrench. He says it might not look quite as sharp as some of the tool boxes people have paid to have cut and designed by others, but in the end he had tons of fun designing, building and cutting all the foam 'by hand'. Now on to his details! His cuts are dialed. His use of EVA floor mat foam and the many tricks he used to cut his foam... are so good... that they have been copied worldwide. He said his design saves bench space by allowing him to have at least twice as many tools up in the air, on and behind the tool board. His space saving was accomplished by building a carbon shelf supported by gas struts and a lid that allowed him to have storage on both sides. As for box weight, he is close to flight weight and can remove things he doesn't need based on his work location. Brad said he stands by these points... "Looks are one thing, and its definitely a bonus if you can make your toolbox look good ... without sacrificing function and efficiency". "These boxes need to be worked out of, not polished for show". In our opinion he truly pushed this years #toolboxwars craze to the ultimate level, that's why he won 'Tool-E's Box of the Year' on our feed. @knipex_official @enduro_bearings @weratoolsna @pbswisstools @parktoolblue @powerbuilttools @abbeybiketools #builtnotbought #realmechanicsdontneedwings #toolsnotwar #thankful A post shared by Tool Box Wars (TBW)™(@toolboxwars) on Dec 13, 2019 at 4:37am PST

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The 7 and 8 are pretty darn good for the stabilization alone. Can't really go wrong with either. Might be better to spend the extra coin on the 8 (most recent tech) and run it for several years. If you're running a full face for MTB, mount it on the ... more »

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I know this sounds crazy but maybe go into a local bike shop and ask them to help you out. If they aren't helpful, then shop around. Now more than ever, local businesses need our support.

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So good!!!

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And for anyone building a sweet bike.

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We'll see how everything pans out in China in the coming weeks with everyone "going back to work." If we see a spike in cases, you can bet that other actions will need to be taken by other countries. Based on information and research done by Michael ... more »

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But what if the computer gets a virus?

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Tell that to the guys that build engines and rebuild suspension. hahaha

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Pretty amazing the hidden dangers we aren't thinking about or planning for considering what scientist know. Most educated deer hunters are aware. Unfortunately, some ignore the warnings. I like how he just comes right out and tells it like it is about ... more »

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I realize you guys think these races happen with the snap of a finger but there are WAY TOO MANY moving parts to even think about a double-header this weekend or even next weekend. Teams need time to adjust for their behind-the-scenes stuff, coordinate ... more »

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I think some inconveniences for the next 3 weeks is worth it. Regardless of how deadly this virus is or isn't, it's clearly spreading quickly and these measures could slow down the spread. The quicker we put this in the rear-view, the quicker the economy ... more »

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You have a link to a press release announcing this event? Curious to see the details.

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I might suggest looking at a SxS as a third option. Something to consider.

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Look for a way to mount it to the mouth vent on your helmet. Your head will help the stability for the most part. I know Cudby uses one...maybe scan through his IG feed for it. Others have used zipties as well with great success. Have fun filming.