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To add to the FortNine link about why Indian makes more power than Harley. Here's a pretty solid explanation of Harley's downward slide. Love 'em or hate 'em...I hope we can all agree that we don't want to see a manufacturer fail.

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Tell your kid nice work. We thought out shots, solid editing, and something that many videos lack these days...storytelling. Tell him to keep at it.

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The 6D should feel similar to the Bell although it might seem a bit snug getting it on. I've run Bell, TLD, and 6D and they all fit very similar and I run them all in the same size. (I'm a Med.) Shoei, which I've tried on, seems to fit deep and didn't ... more »

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I think the important words here are HATER and TRIED. Official Results don't show him getting disqualified.

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Remember the race is on the reservation so typical California rules might not reply.

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Super cool and simple build. Maybe a word of advice - Might I suggest removing any indication on the outside that this is a moto van, considering you live in Southern California. Advertising that you have a van full of awesome stuff to steal is giving ... more »

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Chris is a rad dude. Hope he has a speedy recovery. If you can, please donate to help him out.

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Not to pick a fight here so I'll ask this nicely...Have you used Galfer? I'm not saying Motostuff isn't any good...I'm saying that Galfer is a higher end product and more precise...and I've used both company's least their rotors. I say this ... more »

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^^^What he said. I might suggest looking at would at Galfer rotors, lines, and pads. Motostuff is pretty good but Galfer is more precise and higher end.

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I'm guessing both of you are medical professionals. If not, your mindlessly speculation on medical protocol is just that...mindless speculation. Please stop telling us what should have been done. You were not there and you can't make a valid assessment ... more »

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Great job Ping. Once again you and GL killing it. Keep up the great work.

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I heard it's "none of our business".

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This is a MUST WATCH. Hopefully this gets shared outside our small moto community.

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This is a super hot-button issue in the MTB community. Curious to see the responses.

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Mountain Motorsports carries Honda and KTM at some of their dealerships. I'll let you guys do the math on how he obtained his new bikes. Doubt he's getting actual support from any of the brands other than maybe some of the trick parts we humans can't ... more »

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Best track to watch MX: REDBUUUUUUUUUUD Best track to ride MX: Zaca Station Best track for Supermoto: US AIR Motorsports Raceway - Shawano, WI

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You should listen to Weege's podcast with Kellen Brauer. Its Racer X Exhaust Podcast #92. Kellen essentially breaks down why MX games have not evolved. The quick takeaway is the company that developed the most realistic experience no longer exists and ... more »

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Then you're doing it wrong. haha You clicking this box? Notice the one with the check mark... I feel you, it's annoying to scroll thru countless pics. Most likely because people don't know the feature exists.

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I'm guessing he used a ratchet strap instead of tie-down. Way too easy to over crank those suckers.