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Get yourself a cheap pelican case and follow @toolboxwars and build out one of these bad boys. (Bicycle specific site but great ideas that translate to building out a moto kit.). Some pretty epic builds on this channel. View this post on Instagram ... more »

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"Ya-Ok Back There?..."

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Who pissed in your Cheerios dude? Lighten up...its just dirt bike racing.

Started new thread MOTOSPORT x CLUB MX 12/22/2021 12:09 PM

Stoked to see MotoSport supporting Club MX. Such a cool facility, an awesome crew, and Mike and Brandon are stand up guys.,22113

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After seeing the number of newer sprinters getting repaired while having our company's sprinter being fixed...we will never buy another Mercedes van again...let alone a diesel version. Clunking, creaking, and all kinds of fit and finish issues as well.

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Some of you you might not remember the awesome-ness of Kevin Windam and some of you do. So following me here, while no rider will ever be the People's Champion like K-DUB, has AP's personality and breakout 450 season positioned him to be the new People's ... more »

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Not really an Adventure Bike... This is crazy adventure bike stuff:

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Remember, just because something can pull something doesn't mean it should. For all of you pulling at MAX capacity of your vehicle, you're not doing much to extend your truck's life. Add to that, most trucks on the market are not designed to tow with ... more »

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If you don't get goosebumps while watching episode 1, you don't love motorcycles and you don't have a soul. Great job Troy...nothing but top notch from your crew.

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Super entertaining. Great job

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Jason is the fact he's so nice you'd swear he's Canadian. HAHA If you guys want to support the "little guy" and a growing brand, Phoenix Handlebars is a good start.

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Because all the cool kids state their opinions as fact. It's all the rage on social media, forums, and mainstream news. DUH!?!

Now...back to the Martin Bros. speculation. ... more »
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Guys...Guys...Guys...Come on. Tim Ferry uses a first place trophy to hold a door open in his shed...highly doubt these guys care about the trophies unless it's a "first podium" or "first win" or a championship. Podium finishers have so many of these, ... more »

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You guys know this is supporting Road to Recovery...the organization that helps injured riders? If you're "meh" about it, then perhaps donate some money to the organization OR pay to watch people racing AND support a good cause. I'm guessing most of ... more »

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Nate and Budman are good people. I'm privileged to have worked with both and stoked to have had that opportunity. The show is awesome and I highly recommend giving it a listen to those of you who haven't.

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I realize you already have a power washer but maybe check out some of the all-in-one cordless power washers with onboard water reservoir. Couple options out there. Great if you don't have access to a water source.

Got one for MTB clean up after ... more »
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@Leeham - Pretty sure Max has won quite a few titles over the past several years so the comment about him not winning a ton is quite inaccurate. @Slipdog - Max's KTM deal is for three years with year-one being a development year. No real expectations ... more »

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I love how all these opinions regarding NASCAR or F1 are discounted for various reason yet I doubt many of you have driven in F1 or NASCAR or any other sport where comms are used. Until any of you have driven at 100+mph going four wide into turn one ... more »

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Out of curiosity, why is Cerakote your go-to color change material? Why not a different material (Rit Dye or Plastic specific paint?)

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For those of you that might want to watch the first you go: