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For some reason the little bit of riding leaves me more impressed with Dungey. He clearly doesnt have what you could call 'natural talent', like he aint making no Josh Hill or Josh Hansen Instabangers. Those guys are naturally gifted with a flowing effortless ... more »

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Im so damn excited for some high level hyperbole in the advertising Maybe they are just waiting to put 2018 motocross champion Alex Martin on the bike with a big Number 1 and a quote 'its the fastest crf150 ive ever ridden, i mean RMZ250 sorry'

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the problem is 2-4yr old technology means they will still be updating at the same pace, just set back in time unless its 2-4yr old now and over time becomes 10-15yr old as the cycle is much longer. However this will likely mean a cheaper price coupled ... more »

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tell us more about this beast?

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The fans adore Ken Roczen...

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Im no a Herlings fan so if they only run one moto, that will suck for Tonys championship hopes

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20 years ago people were doing mad shit for a VHS camera, sure they pretending to 'not give a shit' but people like Deegan were building an empire and others were either drifting off to obscurity forgotten as a guy that could do a half assed whip with ... more »

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My Money is on the long awaited Rob Herrings comeback.

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And more expensive with him pressumedly at the moment only planning to do the first few rounds. Keeping him there would mean more in living expenses

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Clearly trolling from that last comment haha

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I thought the track at Hangtown was really bad. Herky Jerky no flow, seemed pretty one lined

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I loved the sound design. But it took till 6 minutes before the classic Planet Earth storytelling (beyond the voiceover) began.

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'brain stem twisted in his neck' what negative effect does a neck brace have on this supposed twisting effect? If anything it seems like a neck brace might reduce the twisting effect? in terms of compression forces in terms of had trauma, it seems that ... more »

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How did RV go so fast with his tiny little neck and that bear trap holding him back. I can see some drawbacks, Although i recently got a new one and compared to the original Leatt they are quite a bit sleeker and less restrictive. I think couples with ... more »

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Any idea what the laptimes were for the 125s? Im sure they were waaaaaaay off the pace of the 250f's but would be interesting to see how far off It would also be cool to see a litpro versus a 250f

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