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6D ATR-2, POD K8 knee braces, Leatt 4.5 chest protector (my favorite), Leatt kidney belt, SG-12.

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The point of view is a unique add. And I gotta say. for someone who uses an FPV drone for work, the pilot is damn good. The main issue as I see it is the need to test a higher bit rate data link between the broadcast tower and drone (maybe set up a mesh ... more »

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Glass half full: thank your lucky stars the National isn’t held at Elsinore anymore.

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Riders who chose single digits before a premier class championship: RC, Villopoto, Stewart, Dungey, and Tomac - just to name a few. In fact, RC ran #6 on his 125 all the way through 1998 SX.

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Baggett didn't score points this year. Isn't #4 available?

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Most of us have been bemoaning the fact that today’s riders play it too safe and won’t “win at all costs” like the RC, Stew, Poto days. So when someone finally does (Jmart), he gets ridiculed? Make up your minds.

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I believe it. Remember how Poto’s season turned around in 2011 when he got on the 2012 Kawi’s more compliant frame? He was a different rider.

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Some of the best “full power” bikes include the Trek Rail, Santa Cruz Bullit, YT Decoy (though it has a small battery), Turbo Levo, and Orbea Wild.

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4 hours on mine. The 22 is now a solid bike right out of the box. Probably the only bike I’ve ever owned that I’ll keep completely stock.

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I do like that 12+12 idea. And if SX actually acknowledges there are outdoor races it should bolster MX ticket sales and maybe even broadcast viewership. This might also entice more top GP riders to come over.

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That’s where I always stay. Hampton Inn Oneonta.

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Supercross typically has more action, but all the follow-the-leader races this year have made it kinda boring. Plus, I can’t remember a 450 outdoor season as stacked and exciting as this one…ever. So, motocross by a long shot, at least in 2021.

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Agreed. Unadilla seems to be the worst offender when it comes to rutocross/slot car racing nowadays.

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Agreed on all counts: please keep the prep like this! Best racing we’ve had in a while, and I really don’t think it’s a coincidence.

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Did the same to my 450, as did virtually everyone I ride with: De-tuning a stock 450 improved ride-ability, safety (for me), and reliability. I’d rather de-tune a 450 than spend a bunch of money to up-tune a 350, which would also decrease reliability. ... more »

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The fact that nearly ten riders can win a race is truly unprecedented. That said, the big difference between now and “then” is we no longer have a top rider in the sport with a win-at-all-costs attitude. Top guys today are content with thirds or top ... more »

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There are technically three helmet shapes. Your son would need a “round”, of which there aren’t too many in the moto world. I have a round head and can’t wear Bell or Astars. 6D works for me, though.

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You need them for the test. They’re supposed to be 12” apart (I believe). And yes, the test isn’t super easy if you do it on a street bike. Will be a piece of cake on an enduro, but you gotta remember to fight your moto instincts when turning: foot off ... more »

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Ran a hitch carrier on a 2018 CR-V for a few years. No issues.

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You only really need three things; the rest is just personal preference: 1. Full exhaust 2. Vortex ECU with Twisted Development maps 3. Tires