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I don’t care what they look like so long as they aren’t jumpers.

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That’s the triple-triple AC cased. Lots of guys were hitting that.

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Ralph has been involved in the sport for nearly 15 years and despite what some of you may think, is quite passionate about it. Every event is available live and all remotes are equipped with a mute button. MX spectatorship has never been this good.

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Given the size, scope and location of the project, I gotta imagine this will also replace Perris MX soon after opening? Either way, the plans are certainly exciting.

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Serious question: has a rider ever won a SX title whist being a dad? I can’t think of anyone...

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I’m a bit confused: so was Milestone leasing the property all this time while the land owner was trying to sell it to developers?

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I think it would be more cost effective to just bring more sand into Southwick - or amplify the previous efforts to return the sand that washed away over the years. When the vast majority of top guys race there with an intermediate tire, it's pretty ... more »

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Duh. It’s Coors.

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I know this much: if Herlings started out front, Tomac wouldn’t have caught him. Tomac’s come from behind rides aren’t gonna cut it against riders with similar pace (I.e., top euro riders).

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Typically because these contracts have extension options.

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Ralph was never Ricky. MX/SX follows the same basic announcing formula as every other professional sports program: Play-by-play host and technical analyst. Ralph has always been a play-by-play host, just as art Art Eckman was (DB was technical analyst). ... more »

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Elevation changes make for a much better viewing experience. I hope Fox incorporates as many “hills” as possible.

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My ‘06 RM 250 that I completely overhauled from the frame up. That thing was a smile generator.

... more »
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If there was a drinking game for every time Ricky said “perfect position” or “strong suit”, I’d be in the hospital with alcohol poisoning before the mains.

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Decotis just mentioned on the podium that Dirt Wurx changed the whoops into jumpers. The whoop design is the issue, not the riders (for the most part).

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Reed was at the top of the sport during those years, and on a 2T. His riding style today has clearly changed with the rest of them. In other words, it’s the bikes.

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What would it take to repair the whoops mid-race? Is it not doable from an equipment/time standpoint? They seem to groom everything else...

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Brand ambassador role.

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Why’d he delete it right away?