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Not sure if it’s who Blair is referring to, but Tomac has stated he’s not a fan of hand guards.

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Just seems lazy: put a berm after the whoops so riders who blitz them have somewhere to go.

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He named his property the GOAT Farm.

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“Surely those blue flags can’t be for me...” -DW

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Seeing as street helmets provide various shell shapes (long oval, intermediate oval, round oval), are there any off-road helmets that fit ‘round oval’ heads better than others?

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I love that you guys do this every week. It’s my favorite article by far!

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Diffy is awesome. Todd Harris is gonna be the one everyone complains about. Rewatch some ‘04 races and you’ll see why.

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I gotta think a talented rider like Ronnie would’ve instinctually pulled the clutch if that were an ICE bike. Nevertheless, I’m glad they’re relatively OK.

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I would think Feld and the rest of the promoters need to ensure maximum profit at every event given the losses sustained at Salt Lake last year. So, aside from holding races in pro-attendance states, I would imagine they’ve been pursuing only covered ... more »

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Have you set you ISO limits? Don’t go higher than 800. GoPros typically get pretty grainy after 400...

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I bought the 9 and returned it a couple days later. It’s noticeably larger and heavier than the 7/8. The 9 is catered towards bloggers, hence the front camera. GoPro really needs to pack all the features of the 8 into a Session-sized cube (or smaller). ... more »

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It appeared to me that they mostly smoothed the straights, which opened up line selection quite a bit.

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Weege called them by their proper name during last week’s broadcast.

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I use their ethanol treatment in every 2-and 4-wheel product I own.

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I hope he actually takes the time off and lets his body rest: moderate exercise only and no riding. Chronic fatigue recovery only works if you truly relax.

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Anyone know the weight of MX3S and MX53?

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Please do more of these!

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This stuff works wonders on all my

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I run MX3S front, MX53 rear on the same tracks. Works really well.