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the ultimate truth is not "called God"... it is God All religions resemble Christianity because they all have branched off of it by some shape or form. They had itching ears to justify their actions so they create their new belief's on a perverted gospel. ... more »

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for the shock you should turn the high speed (big adjuster) in. I would only do 1/4 turn increments because it does change it a lot. it will help you with the fast long strokes on the shock i.e. whoops. The forks you can maybe turn a few clicks in on ... more »

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Canard is crushing it right now and will continue to do so through the outdoor season

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What are you talking about? Seems odd to me what exactly you are referring to

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he was racing hot wheels

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No one on that starting line today had an amateur career as good as JS7 or MA800! Who cares about amateur careers!! The only thing that matters once you reach the pro level is how you race at the pro level! Guys don't get factory rides because they won ... more »

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haha yea you can put your gas in a plastic container, im just saying do not run straight pump gas. aviation fuel is high octane but it is not made to be ran at 13000 RPM in a 250cc motor. I would not recommend it.

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Synthetic oil is not the best choice for your clutch. The best oil is new oil, so hold out on the expensive synthetics and use petrollium based oil but keep it fresh. you dont need 105 octane necessarily, oxygen makes up for octane i.e. U4.4 or Pro 5 ... more »

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Cheap but Durable? Thats an oxymoron!! Stick with the CP pistons, they are very reliable, lighter, and stronger than stock pistons.

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by no means am i as fast as stewart or any of those top guys but i have been on yamaha's for 5 years now and race A class and have found the best setup to be one that rides high in the stroke and has a lot of movement. It has to be stiff when you need ... more »

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Yep, there were 40 pros in each pro class at ACP with a few guys lining up in a second row behind the gate

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buy one directly from Dr.D and ask for a pipe with a resistance chamber on it. It adds a lot of bottom in comparison to a regular head pipe set up. Either way your bike will have more usable power. Dubach does not release pipes that do not work good. ... more »

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so your saying that a PC bike could not do anything a 450 could? you should retitle your thread... JS7 only jumps! He rode A2 like a video game!!

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If you go to the racetech shop they will give you the most up to date settings. they dyno suspension constantly and are always refining their settings. to get the best settings i would recommend going to the shop.

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Call Mike Baker @ Pro-Tec 951-698-8988 He does amazing work on yamaha's and I promise you will not be dissapointed

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"Hmm... their gear looks pretty good! Maybe I should consider wearing a different set for the first time in 5 years!" - MA800

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Bryce too

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dubach pipe and make sure to grease your right wrist before every moto! and dont run it in the upper rpm's like your 250... the 450 has alot of mid range

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no broken wrist...

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Novik Gloves 2011 gloves are sweet!! I have 10+ pair and I love them!