Added reply in a thread Leatt 5.5 boot 12/18/2019 1:47 PM,20/LEATT-BOOTS,1368476 Here is another forum on these boots, few good comments in there

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Have put about 6 hours on mine now. Definitely prefer them over the Gaerne SG12. Leatt is slimmer and feels like you can get your legs in tighter against the bike, especially around the ankle. More protection in the ankle aswell I feel. Have done some ... more »

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Justin Hills instagram story a couple hours ago had him wearing Leatt Boots still

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Had the Leatt rep bring the boots into our shop yesterday and they look great protection wise, and are very comfortable. Just wanting to know how they hold up in comparison to the Gaerne SG-12 which ive found is basically indestructible.

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Any reviews on the new Leatt boots? whats durability like etc?

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Used the launch control for the first time last night on my 2020 crf250r. Went through all 3 settings, probably spent a good 15 minutes testing it, and each one would bog and splutter on the initial jump, after that it was okay. In comparison, the starts ... more »

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IPONE 'saumari' 2 stroke oil is strawberry scented

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I always got it real bad till I had training with Ryan Hughes, changed my technique and then never had an issue afterwards.

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SG12 is the best boot I have tried so far. Much longer lasting, and better comfort than the tech 10