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Youre 100% on point.....look at these pictures of an abandoned theme park and look at how much nature has already reclaimed the land. This was completly asphalted over and built up with nothing but a few planters here and there. On a geologic time scale

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You might not see it depending on where the leak is and how the coolant would leak out. If it was me Id check the easy, free & cheap stuff first which would have been the hose clamps first. If that checked out id look to confirm where the leak is ... more »

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Are you sure you're losing the coolant from the overflow and not someplace else? Id suggest checking all of your hose clamps first.....i once had one loose that would only leak when running ther bike hard and never dripped on the stand or anyplace else. ... more »

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Really thought he had something quietly agreed upon with the Motoconcepts team once Brayton made his Honda signing known....( no inside info just speculation on what seemed like a logical, good fit given the state of the sport and available open spots) ... more »

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Im not going to act like i know some magic cure because i still suffer from it more than i'd like but just to give you an idea of what a death grip looks like......these pictures were taken on the same day on the same jump (80' step up). First pics show

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Might want to check your grounding circuit. Remove and clean your engine mounting hardware and their contact points on the frame and make sure your grounding wire from coil to frame is not compromised and is also making good resistance free ( as best ... more »

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Listen to this man..... everything he said is on point. I second the boots & helmet advice as well.

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Is this the old Starwest track location

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Not sure i can recall hearing it before the "Crusty Demons" era befell us. Does any region, rider or track get credit for coining the term?

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Pretty late to this post's party but heres a couple

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I never thought i would see the day that a dirt bike would ever do anything but depreciate and be a liability but. .. Through no great wisdom on my part, dumb luck smiled down on me. I paid $1K cash for a 2003 CR250 in July of 2017. New tires, grips,

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Here's a few including video of JA21 trying to do the "Royal Flush" water slide backwards.....I kept telling him, "You better not Jason you better not" ... more »
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Hey Dizzy, I haven't tried but I'm getting pretty close to ordering a new kit.... maybe once I have the new set and graphics on hand I can experiment a little with the old set. I haven't really looked at the backsides of the plastic all that much but ... more »

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On those occasions when procrastination or life's responsibilities have caused me to put off getting my bike ready for its next ride until the night before ...... it seems like my own personal "Moto-Satan" always gets into my ear and starts asking questions ... more »

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We have 2 tracks that each take roughly an hour to get to once you get outside of the city limits of Vegas with Mesquite, NV to the north and Western Motorsports to the south in Whitehills, AZ. The dirt at each track is excellent although somewhat different.

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Made drill bits out of these wool balls from Walmart for your dryer and used with McGuire's plastic polish. After skimming with razor blades and sanding down to at least 2000 to 3000 grit. It takes some time to get the hang of how much pressure (almost

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Good catch.....I didn't really notice that. After today it's starting to look more and more like it should soon say 3 x MX Champ.

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Stopped at Las Vegas Exotics to check out the place for a possible birthday gift and was pleased to see Eli Tomac holding it down for the motocross community by throwing down the fastest time of all "Celebrity" racers. A MotoGP racer held 2nd place as

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Hang in there buddy heres hoping and praying you can come to grips with what sounds like is something you wish you could unsee and most definitely thoughts and prayers sent for not only the friends and family but the track owners, first responders, spectators ... more »