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I just type and click.........i have no idea what is going on here!

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Wow place did look nasty! going to be a good one this year can't wait got the DVR all programed! hurry up pala!

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Ok I have to say this he is not the fastest man to race he is the fastest with in the first 5 laps if he kept that pace he would just crash his brains out over and over again (see 2011 sx season) with these guys steping up he should too! that would just ... more ยป

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Seeing my dad on the 1984 xr500 doing wheelies down the road at 100mph shifting from 2nd to 5th. After that it was getting a video of seeing stanton racing with that blue background and a yellow #1 at daytona! havent looked back since.

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Done, that track looks sweet dirt was looken smoth as the lake at 5am.