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Hall of Fame. And it won't be the same without you. Yamaboy isn't crying, you're crying.

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[color=#0000BF]Yamaboy doesn't even know how to post in blue on here. Regarless, eff you all because you lack dick holes in your underwear. Honorary Zonie 4 lyfe.[/color=#0000BFY]

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Reply to TFS in Critical Condition after Massive Heart Attack 5/6/2013 9:18 PM

Yamaboy wishes only the best for TFS. Get well man.

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You're a delusional moron. Yeah, people are begging you for the inside scoop and you get PM's of blow job offers. The members at Vital are like a stadium of fans at a rock concert and you're the main act waiting to take the stage. You've got 16 testicles ... more »

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When you're younger it's easy to believe that people mature and act generally smarter as they get older. As YOU get older it becomes apparent that isn't always the case. The internet only bolsters that phenomena. Relative anonymity on the interwebz brings ... more »

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Sup, fags. Yamaboy will throw you a couple random bones for old times sake.

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Leave Yamaboy's name off your lips. You got enough dicks in your mouth. Yamaboy has never been a fan of fake usernames for trolling. Feel free to check IP's if you wish forum admins. Yamaboy was Alizee, but that was meant to be transparent and never ... more »

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Yamaboy is pretty sure you are all fucking retards.

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Perhaps you can all find some humor in this. It's a scene from Dumb and Dumber. Laugh or get over yourselves collectively. Yamaboy out, dot com.

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Yamaboy was dumb enough to believe you were smart enough to stop posting stupid shit on the internet. How is Larry Brooks colon these days. Any word from some solid inside sources?

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