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Make sure the spring rates are correct for your weight, firstly, which at 145 it is. Set have a friend help you set rear sag. That could give you some "free lowering" if your 125 currently sits too high in back. But at 5'3", even 100-105mm sag is going ... more »

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RC and even Ralph do a much better job in the slower paced and edited post-race video review.

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He's handling the stress better than most. Total raw deal to a guy who never burned any bridges nor needed a reason to cheat.

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Prediction: Tomac finishes season with title and no pant DNF.

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Keep it stock, but if you have money burnin' a hole in your pocket, FMF.

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Agreed. Webb on a 450 with his old 250 aggression - without getting hurt - could be scary for the competition.

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Not a Reed fanboy, but he could've mailed in the sloppy ride after the first turn fubar. Top 10 impressive!

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A few times I thought RC was going to be an Erin Bates clone, always saying "that's right", but he did well for the first race. Liked Fro, and wondering what the real story is behind the departure.

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As other have stated, proper sag/spring rate, pipe & silencer, maybe rear sprocket change (+/- 1 either way), good tires at proper psi.

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It'd be nice. Barcia is this year's Dean Wilson comeback feelgood fan favorite (other than Roczen....). Probably the bike, realizing he's burned many bridges and maturing to the point others don't think he's Bam Bam every lap.

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I'd give it a tie. Peick top 10 is easy, but not lucking into a top 5 was surprising. As for Barcia, he backed up all those pre-race canned cliche answers about "finally feeling good, the bike is good, I feel good, everything is good."

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With Deano in the racing is better, and we get to see more of his GF. Just sayin'....

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If you find a screaming deal on a 2010 through 2013 YZ250F.....I'd keep looking. Those were the really subpar years for what is normally a stellar bike.

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Twin Air for years with no issue. Someone gave me a DT1 for gift, and so far it's just as impressive.

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Which bike are you planning to replace it with?

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As others have suggested, I'd stay stock, but if you have money to spend then FMF would be a solid choice.

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Almost unbelievable what he's doing. Who's onboard? I think Weege and Grant are driving it.

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Almost like the sophomore slump. Wonder if this will bite him in the butt come contract time.

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A 350 would be nice but much-lighter current offerings would be just as sweet.