Started new thread 2000 YZ 250F and '13 Frame question 6/2/2020 1:44 PM

Hey everyone, I have a 13 YZ 250F, the engine blew up and the cases are shot as well. I have an engine out of a 2000 YZ 250F and I know the oil dipstick is in the frame but is there a way I can make that engine fit into the '13 frame? If so, what would ... more »

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Started new thread 2016 YZ450F Coolant leak/Bad water pump? 3/26/2020 6:19 PM

Hey everyone, I started my 450 the other day and let it idle for a few minutes as it was a bit cold out and it hasn't been going in a while. After a minute or two I noticed what looked to be coolant on the stand. Oil didn't look milky in the sight glass ... more »

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Started new thread Best PulpMX rants? With time codes? 2/14/2019 1:29 PM

What is the best PulpMX rant that made you shit yourself laughing?

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Started new thread Monster Energy Cup Video Pass? 10/13/2018 2:58 PM

Anyone try buying the video pass for the race? I put in my info and my page isn't loading. Anyone know what's going on?

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Added reply in a thread The most beautiful bike of all time 6/8/2018 3:18 PM

With regards to a production bike no bike has made me go "wow" more than the 10-13 YZ 250F. When I got mine I was dumbfounded at how it looked. So sharp and so clean. For factory bikes I would have to go with the 2017 Monster ... more »
Started new thread Have you ever had a bike that held you back? 5/17/2018 6:14 PM

Hey guys, after buying a 16 YZ 450 last year I got a lot of questions about how the bike feels when compared to my 12 YZ 450. After pondering over it for a minute or so all I could say is it just feels like I can push this new bike more, but I struggle ... more »

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Added reply in a thread What would you do to supercross tracks to make them less "cookie cutter" 5/11/2018 6:41 PM

I remember a user here a while back that mentioned something about getting rid of the finish line jump and adding a straight with rollers or something through a finish line. Might sound stupid but I think that would be cool, maybe something to try at ... more »

Added reply in a thread Going solo to the track. 5/8/2018 5:42 PM

Normally I would have people coming with me when I would ride on the east coast. Now that I live on the west I've been going to the local track alone which requires a key to open the lock. If there is no one else present I usually just take it easy and ... more »

Added reply in a thread Eli: “Where do you draw the line? ...That pass was over the line!” 4/22/2018 12:58 PM

Added reply in a thread Eli....22nd to 2nd. Sheesh! 3/11/2018 3:04 PM

Only other good comeback I can think of most recently is Toronto 2014. Eli was really on it!

Added reply in a thread Best gear for big riders? 3/9/2018 1:24 PM

I'm not real tall at 6 ft but I'm wide at a 42 waist

Started new thread Best gear for big riders? 3/9/2018 11:21 AM

Anyone got any suggestions? I'm currently running Thor Phase gear and I have been for a while but I want to look at something different.

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Added reply in a thread Keifer on Pulp... hilarious 3/9/2018 8:34 AM

It was one of the funniest things I've ever heard, but they're right. How the fuck do they let these bimbos carry flamethrowers? It just blows my mind! After 722 said the burning kid would get lit kit I cried laughing!

Added reply in a thread Cross training on snowmobiles? 3/2/2018 7:44 AM

I find snowmobiling is so different from moto with regards of actual riding but it depends on what kind of snowmobiling you're talking about. If you're doing snocross it is probably similar but deep snow and back country riding are so technical and require ... more »

Added reply in a thread Canadian Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series 2/25/2018 5:45 AM

I didn't get the chance to watch this weekend but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more Canadian moto!

Added reply in a thread What's your fondest family moto-memory? 2/8/2018 8:08 AM

Mine was my first race win in August 2015. Cold, misty day here in Eastern Canada and it seemed like it would be a mud race (which I hate) but it turned out to be much better conditions. So some close family of mine was home for the summer and where ... more »

Added reply in a thread Roger Larsen: we'll "see and hear from James soon" 2/6/2018 7:52 AM

Until I read your comment I thought I didn't care either. But when I watch these guys I always think of some crazy rhythm Stew would probably try if he were there. I DO care, I would not be against him coming back at all. I just wish he would release ... more »

Started new thread What is the best and worst bike you've owned? 2/3/2018 11:12 AM

I know we seen a thread like this a while back and I found it to be pretty entertaining. So I figured why not make another? What is the best and worst bike you've had and why? For me, my best bike was a 2013 YZ 250F bone stock. Handled like a dream and ... more »

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"I like Ralph... I like Jeff... Movin on"

Added reply in a thread 450 Snoozefest 1/27/2018 8:48 PM

I still don't believe we can count any of the top guys out at the moment. Sure, Tomac has almost no room for error but after last season I'm finally convinced that anything can happen. Don't count any of these guys out yet, it'll make for a great season. ... more »