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Hey Steve, if it's not too much hassle, please add a column for total series points for the future rounds. That way we can easily see what the championship points gap is between riders. And yes, I realize this info is available numerous other places, including this site. This info graphic is great, though, and having the total points would be a good addition to it. much ty

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These graphs are great but COME On.... each brand has a color, it’s confusing when you use some other color to represent it. Then change the color again on the next graph. Would it be that hard to match them up???? I quit following them after the 2nd graph.

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Hats off to Weston, it's hard to be sidelined from something you love to do. He'll make the decision one way or the other as to keep racing or not, hopefully he can come back and race at the level he was before this happened.

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Sorry I was thinking about this one:

But via a quick search on google I found a thread too, and more info on the build. It looks serious too !!!


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Food for thought on the last words, we walk around with $200 plus sunglasses on our face everyday without thinking twice. Why do people think $200 is too much for goggles when they are actually serving a purpose of protecting a very vital spot on our face while riding? I work at a dealership and it always blows my mind when someone freaks out over the price of goggles, but has a set of designer sunglasses on their head. Just doesn't make sense. How do you put a price on protection? The oakley impact resistant lenses have proven their price to many riders taking branches or rocky roost to their lenses.

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LOL. That last one. I thought he was just going to scoop a bucket of snow and drop it on the guys.

I was way off.

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