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Reply to 18-19 250sxf vortex ecu 7/15/2020 9:40 AM

I see ppl asking $400 to $500. As for what they sell for Langham is probably correct. They usually sell fast for the latest/current gen KTMs, great reviews.

Reply to Tire swap help 7/13/2020 9:46 AM

18 and 19 in Husky 501 wheels should be almost the same size. The 18" compensates by having a higher sidewall, as previously stated. You won't need to change gearing for the difference between those wheel sizes, but you might choose to run different ... more »

Reply to Honda CRE250 Enduro-Progress pics! 7/8/2020 1:52 PM

Nice radiator covers! I always knuckle the fins by accident, while working on the bike. The whole project is very cool!

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I have used their Leatt GPX original and 5.5 neck brace, 5.5 Pro body armor. I still have one of their 2018 GPX helmets and their 2019 GPX 4.5 pants and jersey. I can see they have invested a lot into their helmets and I wouldn't hesitate to get into ... more »

Reply to Lainer EPICA cartridges? 6/26/2020 12:58 PM

When Vital tested Mike's FC250, I noticed he was using Lainer AER fork for AMA Pro SX. Mind blown!

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100 different things will work

. ECSTAR R7000 is Suzuki's semi-synthetic 10W40. That's a good place to start but any motorcycle-specific 10W/40 or 20W50 semi-synthetic oil will work well. There are also 2-stroke specific transmission fluids ... more »
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On rails

Reply to WTB: White Medium Fly Racing Universal Jersey 6/15/2020 5:11 PM

I have one that's used in a size Large. Of course, they don't stay white after the first use … PM if you need some pics.

Reply to 2019 250sx topend questions 6/15/2020 9:57 AM

A lot depends on the load, RPM, oil ratio and air filter. There is a HUGE variance in how these motors are used. The easiest time they have is with a novice rider, riding at 1/4 to 3/4 throttle on the 300cc trails. Those bikes can go 100s of hours on ... more »

Reply to Bent rim 6/11/2020 5:29 PM

I can't vouch for a Kawasaki (DID?) rim, but on my KTM excel rim, I loosened up the spokes, heated the rim on the kitchen (gas) stove and gave it a good smack with a rubber mallet. I was impressed with the repair for my first try!

Reply to WTB KTM map switch 6/8/2020 8:59 AM

I have a KTM powerparts one that I would like to sell, if that's what you need? PM me and I can send you the details.

Reply to Clutch holding tool 350sxf 6/1/2020 2:47 PM

I wrap a tiedown around the hub and hook it to the frame. Works like a strap wrench. Haven't done this on a 350SXF, but did it on a 250SX with the same clutch. Usually find that a cheap ratchetting tie down works best because you can use the 'long' strap, ... more »

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Yes you're tall enough and that's a cool first bike.

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Did the FMF system same much weight? Apart rom the looks, does it do much?

Reply to HGS Exhaust Yamaha 2017-2019 YZF450 5/19/2020 12:55 PM

DCR has been posting up some great dyno numbers with these systems and his cams.

Reply to KTM Husky Part Number Lookup ? 5/19/2020 10:35 AM

Thank you, link please.

Reply to KTM Husky Part Number Lookup ? 5/19/2020 9:17 AM

This is about a quarter of my list. I will have many more to figure out.

Reply to KTM Husky Part Number Lookup ? 5/19/2020 9:16 AM

Seat 25007040000 Clutch 79532010033 Bellville 78132005000 Headllight 26514001000 Slave 25032061044 Taillight 26514140000 Indicators 78114026000 Clutch cover 79230626100JA Footpegs 79603040133 Pull rod link 7770408304401 Handguards 2500208204428 Mirror ... more »

Reply to KTM Husky Part Number Lookup ? 5/19/2020 8:38 AM

Hubs Seat Silencer Clutch Pegs chain guide many parts ... Just the pegs is a looong list of models they fit. And there were the 2-stroke 250/300s that didn't get the new pegs in 2016, but there are plenty of quirks like that across the EXC XCW XCF spectrum. ... more »