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2006  YZ200sx
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Most likely Honda CRF as the lugs have a spot for a disc guard. KX never had this in the lugs.

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I haven't looked into it myself, but I should probably do it. I'm an A-class rider, and tore/taco'd my KTM front wheel during practice. Gives me goose bumps thinking about what could have happened to me if I hit a little harder or didn't pull over right ... more »

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OMG, wreckit nailed it!

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That's the 1995 YZ250 color, rather than the 1994. It would look great with 1995 seat cover and OEM graphics. Check out the differences 1994 to 1995 on google. Both look good, IMHO! Between the new pipe, decent anodizing condition on the forks and a ... more »

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Somebody said that Yamaha never developed their YZ250. Somebody else said you could rebuild a 2005 YZ to be just like a new bike. All of those people were wrong. The best you can hope for is to get your YZ working as if it rolled off the showroom. That's ... more »

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That's not why I race, but that might be enough for the OP. I'm not there for anyone but myself and to know that I did my best. I can't give my best if I'm stuck on the side of the track with steam pouring out of my radiator and a clutch that's slipping ... more »

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It's not that it's not good enough, but if you want to do your best, you need a better bike. My foundation for my argument is 20 years racing off-road. As one example, I recently went from a 2013 KTM to a 2017 KTM and one generation change is a gigantic ... more »

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Awesome effort on making to the start line and round five laps! I love offroad racing, and restored vintage. However, vintage bikes and enduro do not go together. They are in fact, opposites. For offroad racing, train, ride, test, fix bike and repeat ... more »

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Food for thought on the last words, we walk around with $200 plus sunglasses on our face everyday without thinking twice. Why do people think $200 is too much for goggles when they are actually serving a purpose of protecting a very vital spot on our face while...more

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OEM graphics have a special glue that is resistant to fumes: two parts whale sperm, one part fairy dust. That and they are applied before the tank is 'saturated' with gas, and therefore, it is able to bond.

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PM me for used 2006 YZ125 rads. Willing to ship to FL.

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I wouldn't run engine covers on a four-stroke due to heat. Swingarm guards, maybe with some ducttape 'padding' to keep the plastic up off the aluminium.

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This is mainly a Suzuki and Kawi problem. I know they both spec a Nissin part, but I don's see this anywhere near as often on Yam/Hon. Might have to do with the brake pad material or insulation.

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You don't have a choice? Why? Just pick a middle of the road oil-ratio like 40:1 or 36:1 and jet around that for both bikes. Or buy two gas cans and a sharpie if that help you sleep better. TMX or PWK can work well 20:1 to 100:1. Obviously you'll need ... more »

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I am a licensed agent if anyone has questions about health insurance or long term care, please DM me. I am based in CA, willing to work with clients across the country. I have been riding/racing for my entire life (5yo to 40yo) and have a pretty unique ... more »

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Jett boots are a little lighter than the Instincts, about the same in terms of ankle support but a little fatter at the pivot than the instincts. The Jetts are all plastic which is hard on graphics. I don’t feel the stops on any of these boots. They ... more »

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Pros can do things I can't? Happens all the time to me.