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Does anyone know when we're expecting a new 250F from KTM? I'm dreaming about my next bike and I know this generation motor has been around since 2015.5 or so, right? I know we typically see big changes hit before SX, so maybe November 2020, allowing ... more »

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Forks look trick and clamps look really sturdy.

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Stinky special sauce from DaveJ. WTH!

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Matt Weller restores old mx bikes and posts on IG. I'd check with him.

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Looks like KLX110 spokes are the same. Both share a 3.0x12 rear tire and have the 90deg elbow on the end.

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I'm missing a couple of spokes on my son's TTR rear wheel build. Does anyone have a set of 12-inch rear wheel spokes and nipples? A full set is only $40, but thought I would check here first. They are the type with the 90 degree elbow at the head of ... more »

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Wow. Very inspirational to me

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VRP 18 TC250

How is the frame holding up to boot wear (Jotun's Hardtop Flexi)? Never seen this applied to a dirt bike frame. Looks a little patina/uneven but might hold up well.

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VRP 18 TC250
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Still turns just like a RM should. KTM's offset is 22mm, not enough to make a noticable difference.

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I have a few parts left over from my 2005 including hardware. PM me if interested. All of it is in average/used condition. Not much new except for a handful of parts.

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Honda CR 125
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2006 RM250

Wow, very unusual project. Does it still turn like a Suzuki?
Bike looks very clean!

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2006 RM250
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2017 YZ 125
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I think this guy (trailtricks) makes his own in CO 970 216-7605

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