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Was cool to see him doing burnouts in the pits with the Challenger. Reminds me of someone I knew years ago…..

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Might be a healthy Roczen in the mix too.

Added reply in a thread The truth about the demise of Geico Honda? 10/14/2020 8:04 PM

Wow! Follow the $$. Shouldn’t be too hard to see exactly what’s going on.

Added reply in a thread Kenny is on the 2021 10/5/2020 11:42 PM

I heard he cleared the double from the inside on it.

Started new thread MXGP VS USA MX Suspension set-up 10/4/2020 7:15 PM

May be old news but it seems the GP guys have a softer suspension than Americans. I remember watching RV2 over there and his bike was setup totally different than everyone else. Just going by what you could see in how it reacted to the track conditions. ... more »

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Yep, and YES WE KNOW NOW HOW OLD JL83 is!!!!

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Awesome ride and yes I too am a fan! After passing his veteran teammate and leading for so long it looks like he gave every bit he had to win until the great get-off. Reminds me a lot of J$7 back in the day. JL is an amazing rider and once Dungey gets ... more »

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I agree with you on this and was thinking the same thing after seeing the results. It’s going to get interesting late in the season if the points stay close.

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Awesome! Love this!!

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I had a total knee (Journey knee) replacement in April of 2018 and was racing six weeks after surgery. Since then I've raced post vintage MX, cross country, mad dog, competed in vintage trials and rode some dual sport in the desert. I've had several ... more »

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Man she's a real deal pro at sports reporting. I saw her the other day reporting the Battle Bots show and while she does a great job I would bet it was a Fox sports decision to get her in there. If I remember right she was a good soccer and hockey player ... more »

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I was there. It was an awesome experience unlike any other MX/SX event. Best part for me was that I had customers that ride and wanted to go and was able to expense everything!

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The beginning of last season was exciting when Webb comes out of nowhere and steals wins from the likes of Roczen etc.

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I love that this event has pulled in the 2stk bikes. Feel like it’s reviving them for a change. Also love that they allow mods ie big bore etc. great event every year that I won’t miss watching. Looks like it brings the fun factor back to the riders ... more »

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So this will get him into the Baker farm right? Will be interesting to see how this works. With his speed it could be trouble for competitors.

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I think Paul does a great job, Jason was good. This was the first time I really didn’t see that Jeff had much to add. I too noticed he always went to lap times when there was nothing he could add to topic. He was not on top of his game for sure. Seemed ... more »

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I will be on a plane tomorrow while they’re racing so will hook my puter to the hotel TV to watch tomorrow evening. Hard part is staying off social media for spoilers.

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JT$ doing well in MXON as far as I can see.

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I think it’s funny that this video has 4 pages of dissection on who’s faster or not when these guys are practicing for an event and we have no idea how the video was edited. I would think Coop would love to ride with Herlings and get a first hand look ... more »

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Well thought out post. My .02 is run sponsors logos as much as possible. The riders run transponders anyway right? Then after the race run sponsors list for the rider being interviewed down one side of the screen and let the rider talk about the race ... more »