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Not worthy of DQ IMO

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OMG Weege, you fart?!!

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Also kind of like complaining to a referee. Easy to point fingers at a flagger but there’s a lot going on. Until you’ve flagged it’s easy to criticize.

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Probably a different person. The guy was on a bike but didn’t look like Brownie. I just assumed. My bad

Started new thread Mike Brown 12/28/2018 10:46 AM

Just saw a post on IG that he passed away. Looked on Vital & Racerx and nothing. Went back to IG and couldn’t find it again. Not sure if it was someone trolling or just a sick prank but hopefully he’s ok. Any of you guys able to verify?

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I agree that it raises awareness in your driving and when something happens you are more relaxed and don’t freak so easy. My GF at the time (now my wife) and I was in my truck on a secluded country road about 60mph when an oncoming truck had a front ... more »

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I live in an area NW of Houston where no real high speed internet is available like Uverse or even cable. I tried Verizon can but not enough data for my family and the signal sucks where I am so it didn't work well anyway. I friend told me about ViaSat ... more »

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I’m not a fan of the joker lane.

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In Eli’s post race interview he was asked about the pass on Joey and he completely dodged what she asked him about. Then when Joey was interviewed he was never asked. Have to think Monster advised the media to back off. During the race Ralph & Fro ... more »

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Yes, wonder who he was talking about. Maybe he wasn’t ready to give up his spot.

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We are all used to seeing RV2 spank the field. If this is everyone’ Expectations there’s going to be a lot of disappointed people tonight. I hope he does well and has a blast racing. To roll in off the test track after a few 125 2-stroke race doesn’t ... more »

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I’ve done the same thing. Think I’m going pretty good and then one day watch my class and think, damn I’m slow! Oh well, guess I’m having fun anyway! Cheers to you fast guys!

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Long Amateur career, then in pro’s long grueling schedule with very little break = burnout. Then after a year or so of retirement they are ready to ride. Race maybe.

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I’m thinking somewhere not far from retirement. Dude has had a bad run of injuries.

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Shoot, Factory Yamaha has only the best OEM suspension for RV! Nothing but the best! 😬

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You would think that since there is a high payout that more Euro’s would line up.

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Stormy Daniels Hard Charging Award

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I think SweetTooth182 did a very good job of describing these guys via their ability and I agree with it all. I lean toward AP23 (7) and if Zacho can be fit, you just can’t count him out at the end of the race. Although the 450 may demand more fitness ... more »

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The camo is so camo I had to look a few times to see it! The whole bike looks SICK! Love it!

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RIP. I used to love watching him race. Always aggressive as I remember. Sad and too young to go.