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Right. They both are defensive and hard to pass but if they get aggressive with Barcia they know he will give it right back. I guess Friese will too if he can catch them but he’s made some sketch moves in SX trying to defend position.

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Yep had a blast riding there years ago. Never raced there and obviously you are more in the know about how they ran races there. I was merely speaking of what I heard how they did things there but still like the concept on baggers.

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Tough crowd with mad fingers in here. LOL There was a track near Houston that classed riders by lap times. Kind of similar to what you’re talking about. I remember riders seemed to like it from feedback I got. It was also an effort to curb sandbagging. ... more »

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Keep Jason & Grant! I think they do an awesome job. Have to remember these guys are riders that ended up broadcasting. I think they do a pretty darn good job.

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Shit! Anderson & Zacho out.....could be interesting to see who Roger picks and who’s willing to ride.

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Yea wonder what the prior jumps to that looked like? My guess was pretty sketchy and his balls got in the way!

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Looked to me like in first Moto MM25 cross jumped JB51 and that led to Barcia retaliating. Could have taken them both out but they were lucky.

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He’s a tough dude! They raced clean too. I was a bit surprised but showed maturity to me. Didn’t let emotions get in the way.

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Racing was great! I don’t understand what the bitchin in the other thread is about. Oh wait!! Their fantasy pick tanked and blamed it on the track. LOL. I guess the first mudder will be an all out tampon and Advil quest! 🤣

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The cream will always rise to the top no matter track conditions. I’m not a fan of the deep rutted tracks but a few riders can still race and pass on them. I’m a MX fan no matter what. Would I like to see different track conditions other than deep/rutted? ... more »

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I’m pulling for A-Mart as the underdog here but would be happy to see J-Mart winnit too. Nothing against AP but it would be nice to see a nail biter down to the last Moto between the 3 of them.

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Sorry for the confusion on the pole. Thanks for the input. It’s clear as mud. LOL I am the guy watching the gate keeper of course. He is right in the open and why not! My buddies give me shit about it and I normally just tell them that they should attend

... more »
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Recently at a local track racing vintage and post vintage there was discussion of what was cheating and what was fair. I would like to see input based on the pole here. Everyone on the gate has the same view. Fire away boys! And this is my first pole ... more »

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Looks like he’s not bringing coffee cake to the track anytime soon...bummer! But seriously Howard, been sending prayers for a complete and speedy recovery! You’re a tough ole dude and you will holeshot this recovery! Chance

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I was thinking he would be doing good to get a top 15 all things considered. I’m impressed! Guy is awesome! Now build on that and stay in the hunt and press for that championship!

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I change all of mine and my buddies will bring theirs over w/beer and I get them changed too. LOL I try to keep a spare tube for the one that gets snagged. I have a pretty dang good track record for not pinching them but you never know.

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That sucks! I really wanted to see him healthy for outdoors.

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Fuck sakes this sucks! We always have to wait on other programs bleeding into SX. Frustrating!

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Thanks Elsinore. Started out to be a mini racer and something to cruise the pits on but decided I just didn’t want to get her dirty. LOL it’s makes a good conversation piece at the track.