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544 saw it on a Yamaha over a decade ago at my dealer. Loved the way the numbers looked if that makes sense. Depends on the font tho.

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This. Any suggestions for tire bloom? I used Adam's tire and rubber cleaner. After the tires dry still orange brown looking. I put tire shine on it's fine now. Got a 2020 tundra first new vehicle I've had trying to keep it nice.

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I recently went through really bad gerd. Makes me nauseous and I lose my appetite. Believe stress at work made it even worse. Went on for a year had trouble eating lots of food I loved. Just continued to eat boring stuff and changed jobs. It's better ... more »

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My only problem with Suzuki is the weight get it down. Until then I'm staying on my 04rm250.

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Wow that's insanely fast a video of the lap would be nice to see what lines you take. @Doddy I rode the 250 2 strokes are few times and I believe they are bugged. They really seem to be bad with automatic shifting the guy overrevs the bike way too much. ... more »

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Hmm I will have to try turning that on thanks. Been messing with the tuning again and turned my suspension down to the softer side. Seems to keep the bike planted and put the power down more. Still quite a few guys on PC that can just blow me away. Heck ... more »

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Been messing around on the Iron Hill national lately testing bikes and setups. Threw down a 48.27 on the 350. It is possible to get into the 47's, but I cannot for the life of me quad, double, double the straight rhythm after the finish. I ended up going ... more »

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I bought the RMZ450, but I also have the FC350. If you only want to buy one OEM get the 350. The only thing the 450 has over it is more power.

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I haven't rode in about two years and with my bad allergies I'm not sure if I'll even ride again. My issue is the lack of tracks in my area. So traveling far is the only option that is if you like the layout. The one track I was riding wasn't bad just ... more »

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My tuning is everything to right and suspension on the 4th notch. I feel the 450 is just way too flickable. Plus with the insane 450 power no reason to even run a lites bike like the 250f. The 350 is nice for supercross can hit inside lines on the 90degree ... more »

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I have a good pc i7 6700 and gtx 1070. I play on epic setting with 1080p monitor. Haven't had really any fps issues. On release the one tropical map had a laggy section but it's been patched now. Had a weird lag issue in an online lobby I was hosting ... more »

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Yeah, I'm on pc was racing in a lobby winning every race. Then some guy joins and just rains on my parade dropping insane lap times. Pretty much 3 to 6 seconds faster a lap and very consistent. He was running the 350 beating my 450. I'm kind of pissed ... more »

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I think I have the same measuring cup. It was a bit confusing at first because it has different mix ratios depending on how much gas you are mixing. (1, 2 and 5 gallons IIRC). Never noticed anything with the fluid ounces I will have to check it out this ... more »

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Is the Husky and KTM fender exactly the same? I'm not a fan of the Husky one I think it looks ugly possibly because of the white color.

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I think your results are dead on. Love my 04 RM250 despite the crazy oem prices. The handling, light feel, and narrowness of the RM250 is it's best trait. Both bikes are great in their own right, but for my type of riding the Suzuki is better. In the ... more »

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How are the bearings on the RM250 rear wheel? If the bearings are in good condition I am interested need a 19.

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10oz FWW, stock pipe/silencer, and vforce 3 reeds are a good combo. When I got my RM it was setup by a woods rider. Forget what gearing I had think it was 13/52 very smooth powerband.

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DID ERT2 is a great chain only had to adjust it once so far on my RM250.

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Another vote for late model RM250's they feel like a bicycle and handle like one too.

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Anything I can get my hands on Yamalube, Blendzall, Castor 927, Castrol, Klotz, Lucas Oil etc. Lately, I gave the Lucas Oil semi-synthetic a try in my RM250 @ 40:1 runs good clean burning. Might have to bust out the castor oil again. Pretty much any ... more »