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I don't know what it is about riders from the UK, but it seems like they have a hell of a lot of fun when they are out mucking around in the mud. This vlog had a very similar vibe to a lot of the UK mountain bike videos I've seen. Don't get me wrong, ... more »

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Excite Bikes Bonus points if you get the bikes to sound like the video game.

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Yep, big pet peeve of mine. Lots of guys too lazy to remove them or cut them flush low to the ground, so they leave 6" punji sticks waiting to impale you. Moto is dangerous enough on its own without adding unnecessary man made death traps.

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You're probably right, as removing seats is an added expense (even if you re-use that section for 3 rounds) and I'm sure it requires a structural engineer's evaluation to make sure the structure can handle the loads. Probably easier to do on a stadium ... more »

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With hardly any fans in the stands, I'd like to see the track go up into the seating sections like the old LA Colesium and Pontiac tracks used to do (and more recently Ford Field). Seems like one loop up into the stands would add at least 5 seconds a ... more »

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Good riddance to your ex. Alcoholic cheater, sounds like the trash took itself out.

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Total deal breaker. Recommend you head over to the For Sale/Bazaar page and trade her in for a two stroke. Then you can come back over to Moto Related and post up a "Spoke with my Wife" thread.

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Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. You've got something you're passionate about and are doing your research to find out how to make your dream a reality. You're already ahead of 99% of kids your age in that regard. College isn't a necessity, ... more »

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Can't you just post it with the names written at the bottom like that other thread?

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A little SC1 and some new graphics and she good to go. The real question is what are you going to build?

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I started looking into this, but my insurance would have only covered a brace for my injured knee (if they approved it at all) and with deductible I would have been paying most if not all out of pocket for 1 brace, and 100% for the other brace. I ended ... more »

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Yeah, no, for sure. Hill isn't capable of a top 10 finish. Top 10 SX finishes in 2020 Hill: 8 Plessinger: 8 Davalos: 5 Bloss: 1

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As someone who has raced and ridden mountain bikes for over 30 years (and BMX before that) I think the percentage of mountain bikers willing to transition to moto is pretty small. I know tons of guys that have transitioned from moto to MTB, but I only ... more »

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Last I heard JGR was still waiting on Suzuki to decide whether/how much they are going to support JGR for the coming year. Until that gets resolved, I don’t think they can sign anybody. The hour is getting late for open rides, so seeing Savatgy out looking ... more »

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Looking for tire recommendations for PNW (Western Oregon). For singletrack, the guys I ride with rave about the Shinko 525 hybrid cheater rear and goldentyre fatty front combo set up with tubliss system. I trust that recommendation for wet/muddy/rooty ... more »

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With 4 open dates, my guess is they are hoping to add 2 more venues, but with the final round scheduled for Salt Lake, I'd bet the contingency plan is to hold some or all of those rounds in Salt Lake if they can't find another location to fill those ... more »

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I doubt it would be his first choice, but with a lot of fast guys looking for rides and a short off-season (assuming SX starts in mid January) I dont think Shane can afford to not at least give MCR a look unless he has another solid offer on the table. ... more »

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Brayton's factory Honda ride was a good fit all around since Seeley retired and they wanted Sexton to defend his 250 Sx title before moving up to 450 outdoors. That is more of an exception than the norm, but I like the idea of giving guys like Brayton ... more »

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I agree that it would be nice to see more support for riders deeper in the field, I just dont see it happening though. For next season there will be 7 factory 450 teams with an average of 2 riders per team (some teams with 3 like husky and some not fielding ... more »