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Machinist/Tool & Die maker for a Turbo Compressor manufacturer.25,000 hp plus. Really large units. Also a motosports announcer on the weekends . Doing Motocross for the last 28 yrs. for the Western New York Motocross Association on weekends from ... more »

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I always play the National Anthem.I do this right after morning practice and before the 1st moto. Because we are close to the Canadian border and have plenty of Canadian racers I play their Anthem as well.I have many versions of both to mix it up and ... more »

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Garage fridge.
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My sticker I had made celebrating 28 years as an MX announcer and still going strong.

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I heard that reply once in Toronto.

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Finally someone remembered Paul Carpenter. Can't believe it took so long.

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Wear the brace at night.Not a lot of help but better than nothing.I dealt with it till I couldn't hold on the the bars any longer. Went and had one hand done then about 4 weeks later the second. Best choice for me. Now I can ride without the numbness ... more »

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I wear one all the time for long woods rides. It helps keeping your innards from bouncing all around. Especially on long rough 50 /70mile plus rides. I have forgotten it a couple of times. Didn't really notice it till I started feeling sick to the stomach. ... more »

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Nice bike. Just make sure you understand the difference between gas rich and oil rich.Also 927 can separate from race fuel at temps below 40 degrees. It says this on the back of the bottle. And yes 927 in my weed whacker makes the job seem easier.

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Yakmx where.is the other site you are posting this , see the shops brings back memories d-34 was strong for many years Hunter cycles , wheels off progress in Monticello ,moronys cycle , and house off power , where they in Ramsey nj or where they in Lodi ... more »

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Been kinda busy uploading stuff for another vintage site. Here is the program from the 1973 Inter-An ... more »
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Funny the+30 class was the biggest. Glad you are back riding/racing!

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They are alive and well in Western NY.http://www.3wheelerworld.com

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I would say I love single track,but here in western NY and northern Penn. there are many types of what people call single track. If you take a pure moto person and ride the wide open trails in the woods they think this is single track. If you take a ... more »

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Yes on my grips. And assured when we assemble 25,000+ hp turbo compressors it is used.

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Some things will never change. Those were probably pretty risque photos back

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Keep an eye on a fellow NY racer that grew up in Paul Carpenters and Bobby Kinerys shadow. Sunny Drake is racing TM's in Canada.