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Paul Carpenter rode sx on a fast by Ferracci for a little while.

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I announced am days for Mike Kidd when he used to bring AX to Niagra Falls NY. I can tell you after 12 hrs. plus of breathing all that stuff in I was sick for a week after the Sunday show. Especially since most of the bikes weren't tuned for 0 degree

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Believe it or not a lot of people buy 450,s and never race MX with them. But a lot of people will buy a 450 based on these shootout results.

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Yeah a shame. My daughter used to write about the local races here in Western Ny. It was a great way for her to get her started in journalism at a young age. They always paid well. But it was always a surprise as to when the checks would arrived . Plus ... more »

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They still make them. It is now called a Boysen Shokout grip system. Been using them for years.A great device for old offroaders with bad wrist. Yeah they like old bikes,but with the popularity of the show it will be harder for us collectors to get sweetheart

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My kids all gave our dogs names. I usually just call them S&*thead or something like that.

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yup -that dude is a badass - think he'd prolly be near 50+ BY NOW ? Yes Bart Lucas is officially 12 hrs. older than I. We will be 54 yrs old March 3rd. A great friend and a wealth of moto knowledge. His older Brother Ted(call me Fred) Lucas is still ... more »

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Been doing this announcing stuff for over 25 yrs. I think they all do a great job for tv coverage. They all have to bring more to the table than on a local level. Just calling a race as they see it isn't enough for the tv audience. The majority of the ... more »

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I have had the honor of playing both the American national anthem and the Canadian national anthem for 20 yrs plus. I have 2 versions of the Canadian and 15 versions of the American. While I love the Hendryx version. I would never play it locally. I ... more »

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Yeah Super Cross classics is great. Some really cool track designs back then.

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Yes, very nice handiwork. I to am a machinist.Making internals for huge 30,000hp turbo compressors.Specializing in taking an engineers drawing and hand carving exotic metals to make them look like the picture. Also good at making internal parts for motorcycles ... more »

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Not trying to make comparisons to anyone's personal situations. It just seems like there are more and more divorced people out there.Thus making it seem not so out of norm which makes it easier to take that road.Not that personally it is any easier for

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"I know one thing for sure, it's damn hard to be married these days. I have all the respect in the world for people who can make it work, and understand when people can't." I don't think it is any harder to be married these days,just easier and more ... more »

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One of the best MX training tools you can own. A lot of people race MX,but not everyone can ride a bike. Tryals will teach you how to properly ride a bike. Thus making you a better racer.

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The day anyone of my kids tell me what I can and can't do... just saying.

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At 53 yrs old I have worked hard enough to afford them .Mechanically inclined enough to fix them. Sentimental enough to keep and appreciate the old bikes. Savvy enough to keep a balance in my life between bikes and relationships. And in your opinion ... more »

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I totally see where Jeff is coming from. He want's the USA to win. He thinks the best way to win is to have the best out there representing for the USA. I mean with his Mxdn record he certainly has ownership in any team USA. Maybe past champ's should ... more »

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One of the most unique and different group on the earth are motocross people. Not many places where you have the "have's" and the "have not's" parked next to each other.Motocross doesn't care. All you need to race motocross is a properly set up bike,a ... more »

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I have watched Dave race for 20 yrs. He is a cool cat. He used to be an amateur ranked trials rider before returning to mx.. And you don 't want to arm wrestle with him either. My friend raced against him in the senior class years ago and got beat. When ... more »

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Rodney has great throttle control.