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You can bet the promoter/track owner won't mind at

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Awesome track,great promoting family,and some of the best east coast dirt. I love announcing there. You never know who is gonna show up.

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"$300 dollars worth of gas will make you a lot faster". Priceless!

Added reply in a thread Any 50+ yr olds here? 10/11/2012 9:40 PM Its good to be 56.

Added reply in a thread Which is the best motorcycle noise ever? 9/12/2012 8:07 AM Can't forget the Frog.

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Love my 06 KDX 200. FMF Gnarly pipe V force reeds,Pro Action suspension (set up for the woods). Pirelli Scorpion front tire,IRS trials tire in the rear,Cycra pro bend hand /bar protectors. The bike is an East coast single track weapon. With the Cycras

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Yep, wild weekend for sure. Looks like they are going to be working me over handing out all the prizes. Just heard Mike McDade will be coming in after Steel City. Hope he brings along a few others. Also free vintage race at intermission All are invited.

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Yes Sir you are correct. Just had this conversation with another old school racer. Back in the day you had to walk the track because the changed them up so much. Heck they might have run them backwards to mix things up. But now they seem to be permanent ... more »

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We at the WNYMA had to resort to a roll call to make sure riders came to the meetings. Three names picked at random. If you are at the meeting and called you get first pick of the gate in your first moto. If not you get last pick in the first moto. I

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I hate politics in moto. Especially when they use a thread about an injured racer to try and make a so called point.

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Says it all for me.

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The interest in 125 2 strokes is all around. We have a 3 lap 125 2 stroke Red Bull challenge "running of the bulls" at intermission at all of our summer series races in the Western New York Motocross Association races. Started with 6 and last week had

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250 B stock is loaded. Hoping the best for my sponsored racer #68 Justin Hushon 14 yrs. old from Bradford PA.

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Ok I have used tryals tires for a few years on the back,but never tried them for the front. Do they work as well on front as they do on the rear. Thanks in advance.

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Nice. I see the tryals tire on the rear (which I love for single track).But what is the front tire? I run a Pirelli Scorpion in the front. Enjoy.

Added reply in a thread Swain Mountain Mx 2 day race event & Mad Mike Jones Freestyle jump show 6/30-7/1 6/27/2012 8:29 AM Yep I'll be there all weekend. Really cool place. Longest up hill hole-shot I have ever seen. Plus Mike Jones is the only one I have seen crash while going up hill 5th gear tapped out. And he was able to walk ... more »

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Nice vid. Two very distinct sounds. One sounds like a Formula 1 car. The other like a Greyhound bus.

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Nice Pics. You caught me waiting for Babbit or Bristol to do another wicked whip past the announcing tower. Keep up the good work. I had a lot of fun there . That would be me the old guy with the cigar.

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Ummmmmm? Did you forget about Paul Carpenter?