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Paul Carpenter fan here. It's an east coast thing.

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Put your race faces on and become bleacher creatures. Oh wait I still use that phrase today. The white flag is out, the final lap is under way. It's now a go or blow situation for the front runners.

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Machinist/tool and die maker. Motocross/Night Cross announcer every weekend from April till October.

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I had a chance to ride an Armstrong powered trials sidehack. Weirdest feeling of any wheeled thing I have ridden. Just curious if there is a left sided and a separate right sided class? I see many of each in the photos.Very cool,thanks.

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Just got word the ban is on hold untill feb.2010.

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Once again nothing but the best from OTC. Great stuff J-Man. Can't wait to see what you come up with for Wooster and the new WNYMA track. See ya soon.

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Totally off the original topic. But yeah both digital and standards. plus a lot of make it look like the picture. .But fecked up is still fecked

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Not sure what you mean about machinist there Wolfman, but I have been one for over 30 yrs. Some of the smartest and most creative people I know are machinist. As for burnt out ones running manuals? Gee step into my world working for the worlds largest ... more »

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Lets just blame it all on E.F.I.. Yeah that's the problem. Since old school tracks are one suggested answer to the "problem" .Lets go one step farther and put them all on old school vintage bikes for one round. Maybe a theme race. You know 70's ,80's ... more »

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I did a three day Baja tour with Baja Off Road Adventures in October.Great tour ,great guides. My only real concerns at the time were,Starting an XR 650 with ease (normally a 2 smoker),riding 90 plus mph on a regular basis,and trying to figure how to ... more »

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The same troubles that we have with flaggers at the national level is compounded at the local level. Here in Western NY we have trouble even getting flaggers. Yes they are paid and fed,but seems as no one wants to do it. At the local level the day can ... more »

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Tishamingo-Wear n' Tear
Robin Trower-Bridge of Sighs
Foo Fighters- Everlong

0 0 0

This photo has 100 comments.

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Well ,since Ricky's team and Watkins Glenn Racetrack went out of their way to find a very moto related organization to help out with a cancer benefit ,I would say it could be moto related. I may be going out on a limb here,but I think anytime Ricky's ... more »

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Yep, class act all the way. The Western New York Motocross Association was lucky enough to be given a bunch of meet and greet passes to see Ricky in the pits in his hauler. We raffled them off for one of our benefit events. Word at the local races Sunday ... more »

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I have ridden in the woods alone,but I always make a slight bobble and scare myself.So I head home because it is like I forgot how to ride.But same situation when others are around doesn't faze me. Much easier to be fearless when others are around to ... more »

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Worked for me.Good to know I finally made it to the old age category.Another milestone in my life!

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Paul is a class act. I have known him and his family for 20 yrs. You want a working class hero ? Paul is it! Congrats Paul!

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Yep, just did a 4 day ride in March.We rode all the trail systems in and around Logan WV. Well worth the 10 hr. drive. This my 4th time there.Would recommend it to anyone.Not many towns left that advertise they are the most friendly atv/dirtbike place ... more »

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Nice!! Remember it isn't what you ride or how you ride. It is 'That" you ride.