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MDK getting back in the game?

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That same sponsor got Ricky Johnson to do a voice-over ad for their dealership. You can't get much more "core" moto than Ricky Johnson- unless you find the dude who invented the knobby tire LOL.

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Very grateful for the love on the Jasons helmet. Thank you ML! And very thankful to JA21 for wearing that gear and helmet at the last round. Hopefully we will be auctioning or raffling off the whole set of gear he wore as well as the helmet to help pay my medical bills.

I love this moto...more

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I can drive to Fox Raceway faster than MAVTV servers can respond LOL

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Great catch, mxav8r. Someone will get their ass chewed-out for posting that video. For sure there is a pupose for the groove, it's for flex.

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I like your videos Trevor. Those are some fast, fast sections! What was your top speed? Also, how did you avoid running out of fuel on your loop?

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I was at the race and didn’t even notice the stadium announcers- I was totally focused on watching GREAT

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I used to buy A1 tickets at the Stadium box office in JULY. I’d be there at 10am when the ticket sales began. It was the only way to get seats on the club level. That was circa 2005- I watched the “Perfect Storm” race from the club level. The ticket ... more »

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I was misinformed about the injury (not broken). He exited the stage to recieve medical help. Maybe he went back and finished the stage hours later? Sounds like he's out of the rally, although the standings show him is 123rd place with a 15 1/2 hour ... more »

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Ross Branch injured his leg in a crash during the first 3km of stage 6.

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I'm not saying there are inexperienced racers in this rally. My point is they raced fast roads and dunes for 5 days, then day 6 they are trying to have the same pace in terrain that looks like Johnson Valley after King of Hammers, and that makes for ... more »

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Good solution for 250F bikes.

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Checkers and wreckers

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Wow! That's big news.

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Stage 6 was shortened considerably for the bikes- from 404km to 100km on the Special Section. This is because the bikes raced the same route that the cars/trucks raced the day before. Apparently, many of the bike racers are not experienced in these conditions ... more »

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I connect my customers with Baja Bound Adventures. They have handled Baja tours, NORRA 1000 race, Mint 400, Vegas to Reno for my customers with flying colors. High finishing ratio, low injuries, never any horror stories.

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Thanks for the clarification Michael. Pingee posted a misinformed video this afternoon that stated a vax card or neg test are required for A1. Glad that isn’t the case.

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It’s Moto but y’all expect Diane Sawyer. 😆

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Can’t wait!

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RC & Goose