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No useless threads No sprocket bolt torque No bears Actually forget that last one, we need bears, more specifically this thread needs bears.

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That scrub is unreal, makes my jaw drop and makes my stomach knot at the same time. Literally the knifes edge from perfection or pounding the dirt. Zacho is really reminding me of Canard with his let it all hang out style. Love the heart and ambition ... more »

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Poll is missing a none of the above option.

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Wow, that is a badass short edit! Seriously impressed. The use of Eminems guess whos back was ingenious. So many little statements in there that just fit Herlings and his comeback so well. "Guess whos back" "this looks like a job for me" "So everybody ... more »

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Correlation does not imply causation. Actually more accurate here would be. Limited correlation does not imply causation.

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DOT 3, 4, and 5.1 can all be mixed since they are all glycol based. DOT 5 is silicone based and should never be mixed with any other brake fluid or any other brake fluid system. Glycol vs silicone based systems will use different materials and seals ... more »

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In 2010 I bought a 2006 YZ144, Athena cylinder and piston with the Eric Gore head mod. Only rode the bike for maybe 4hrs before the crank bearings shit the bed. Previous owner who had the engine built used some cheap crank bearings and well yeah they ... more »

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Dennis Kirk had a ride day a month or so back at a local indoor track and had demo Fly Formula helmets to try out. Used one there and really liked it so I ordered one of my own. Helmet came in a couple weeks ago and finally got out this past Saturday ... more »

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Supercross, only because it's in the winter and I can't ride dirt bikes. I'm a bigger fan if the nationals, they are just to hard to watch for me live as I'm busy riding myself.

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Bring in Gringo and let him talk about whatever the heck he wants.

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I loved my LBZ pants! Mainly for mud races, would keep my boots clean, and I hate cleaning boots, haha!

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If I was just riding the moto track I'd be dead about 30 minutes in, but there is a decent single track loop you can tie in with the moto track. Makes it a touch easier to keep going longer as it gives you a slight breather. Still an awesome place to

... more »
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Been riding the local indoor track all winter, until yesterday when I was finally able to ride outdoors at Dyracuse in Wisconsin. Brutal sand MX track and lots of single track. Man does it feel awesome to finally be able to open the bike up. Did 2 separate ... more »

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I love E dirt bikes. I love 2 stroke dirt bikes. I love 4 stroke dirt bikes. Heck I just love dirt bikes. The more options the better, and these E bikes really could open up some doors that have been historically closed due to noise complaint issues, ... more »

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You have to be crazy to penalize Webb for this.... But I guess we are dealing with Gallagher here so anything crazy is possible...

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Hahaha, oh Ricky. A Mart cases the jump and it upsets his corner for Sexton to pass. Ricky's comment, "Great pass by sexton as Alex goes to the outside" Come on guys, pay attention...

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"What other companies might want to get on board?" Easy, in the MX biz, all of them. Yes, everyone would want to sponsor him. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

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I used to live a couple hours from a KTM dealer, so I got used to ordering just about everything from motosport, prices are good and they stock a lot of OEM parts. I'm now live a lot closer to some dealers and they stock the main items, chains, sprockets, ... more »

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I had a 2010 SX150, and now run a 2018 150XC-W as well. On average I change the piston every 60hrs roughly and have had zero major issues. Common item that annoys most is the counter shaft seal leaking however it is an easy fix. I've also had a 2005 ... more »

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Haha, well done. I actually laughed out loud at this one.