Added reply in a thread Pulp Salt Lake Race 5/6/2022 11:10 AM 2pm mst for live timing.

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Now that podium order has been figured out can you ask someone in the know what was in Davi's locker?

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The problem here is for every 1 keyboard asshat there is 99 other good fans, yet we focus on that one asshat. What is also annoying is those 99 good fans then get lumped in with the one asshat when generalized statements like this are made. The best ... more »

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My guess for the special guests is MC and Skip.

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Wow chiz looks so dang happy in that interview. Hoping for a good night for him.

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Who is Motozone? Is it a real business or just some random guy? Tried to get some info from their website and instagram but its all super vague. Also after reading through all the instagram comments it does seem like Motozone is the shady one here. Lastly, ... more »

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Huh, and here I always thought it was pronounced Ass-er-tits.

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It's actually 1/1000. Crazy close

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Do you even know where the race was?

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Hopefully talk about this replaces the half hour wasted every week about a stupid hair cut...

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I like JT's Power Rankings, sure I don't agree with them all but that's the point. Its just his opinions and the rankings gives his podcast a nice easy format to talk a little about each top guy. My advice to a couple of you, stop taking it so serious. ... more »

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In MC's book he talked about "Home Base" and what he meant here was having a setting that he rode a lot on, maybe it wasn't perfect, but he knew it well and how it would react. At the races he would then try to dial in his setting to gain whatever he ... more »

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I agree it doesn't really matter if it's last corner for a championship or first lap of a random main. HOWEVER, what does for sure matter is the speed. A move like that at that speed is how guys end up in wheelchairs or worse.

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Holy shit what a ride. Went from thinking Craig just died to blown away how he was running the leaders pace coming through the pack. Serious heart.

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Write a business plan for racing/marketing. It is very easy for an auditor to claim the expenses were just for a hobby, however if you have a business plan with a marketing section and you include racing in there it gives you a solid standing and a paper ... more »

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In conclusion, for some at risk individuals, through a combination of genetic and environmental factors, it is highly likely that adolescent cannabis use can meaningfully increase risk of the initiation of opioid use and development of OUD. Much more ... more »

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I think we have what you are asking for. Roczen and Cianciarulo are both well spoken and give great/truthful interviews. Plessinger has a huge and awesome personality and makes everyone laugh/smile. Barcia and Anderson ride with their heart on their ... more »

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The whole time he was doing that I was chuckling thinking about ricky bobby and what do I do with my hands.